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The Gospel Coalition’s False Moral Equivalency On Partisanship


How one views the modern American parties is a good indication of whether or not they understand the times. It’s undeniable that the Democrats are a truly evil party that wants to permit invasion, sexually mutilate children, murder babies, and bankrupt the economy. The Republican Party has pockets of binge better, particularly at state levels, […]

Debunking Gavin Ortlund’s Local Flood Liberalism Gavin Ortlund is a popular “Christian” YouTuber, yet is also a rising star in Big Eva. Last year, Gavin Ortlund was announced as an inaugural fellow at the Tim Keller Center of Cultural Apologetics of The Gospel Coalition. Indeed this is not bestowed on those with orthodox theology, as the Tim Keller Center is […]

No, Tim Keller Was Correctly Understood By His Followers

Lately, there seems to be a debate about the legacy of Tim Keller. Evangelical Dark Web had Tim Keller’s death at #4 on our stories of the year, despite The Gospel Coalition having it at #8. The debate over legacy is exactly why the story was so important. As time Keller’s followers are generally so […]

Doug Wilson Strikes Back At Kevin DeYoung The Kevin DeYoung critique of Doug Wilson set off a controversy that DeYoung has no intention of finishing. Nonetheless, his attempt to halt the rise of what he calls the “Moscow Mood” will rather hasten it due to the inadequacies and hypocrisy of DeYoung. Doug Wilson responded on Monday with a lengthy column responding […]

That Gospel Coalition Mood


The Kevin DeYoung article attacking Doug Wilson as unqualified to be a pastor is a massive example of a log in your own eye, as Kevin DeYoung has remained on The Gospel Coalition’s counsel despite its decade of liberal drift. Since Kevin DeYoung has a problem with the Moscow Mood, perhaps it’s worth reminding everyone […]

A Rare Gospel Coalition Win?


Within Evangelicalism, The Gospel Coalition is one of the most influential driving forces of liberalism, especially on sexuality. So when they publish an article that’s based, it’s quite noteworthy. The article titled, “I Love My Transgender Child. I Love Jesus More.” delivers a rare biblical application on this issue from The Gospel Coalition. What immediately […]

The Gospel Coalition Goes Woke On Abortion With Benjamin Watson

It’s been a bad month for The Gospel Coalition. Last week we exposed there rationalization of Andy Stanley’s false teaching, as though it were paved with good intentions. On Friday, The Gospel Coalition would publish an article reveling in idolatry for Taylor Swift, rationalizing it as pointing to Christ. They would promptly remove the article […]

The Gospel Coalition Swiftly Removes Gay Article Simping Taylor Swift


The Gospel Coalition has been on a tear this week with bad content. Earlier this week they had a fan-boy of Andy Stanley who pastors a church with gay affirming staff attempt to rationalize Andy Stanley’s heresy as paved with good intentions. Yet a more recent article would become the second removed article this year […]

The Gospel Coalition Tries To Rationalize Andy Stanley’s False Teaching

TGC The Gospel Coalition has branded itself as a hub of where Evangelicals can go to in order to have Christian commentary on contemporary issues. And it has become one of the largest online ministries in the process. Yet it had a certain reticence to address Andy Stanley, both earlier this year and now. In February, […]

The Gospel Coalition Announces Carson Center


After the launch of the Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics, The Gospel Coalition has announced its latest organization to honor one of its founders: the Carson Center for Theological Renewal, to honor Don Carson. According to the announcement: Around the world today, biblical illiteracy inhibits spiritual depth—not just in the shrinking church of the West […]