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The Gospel Coalition Uses Finland To Attack Christian Nationalism

TGC The Gospel Coalition is a well-known Christian bastion that has a reputation for attacking Christians under persecution from the government. They showed their hand in the case of James Coates as the defended the Canadian government’s actions. Now in the notorious case of the MP in Finland who’s on trial for “hate speech” over […]

The Gospel Coalition Talks Barbie Movie Too often, Christian writers want to write movie reviews but they are writing for a “Christian” outlet so they try to shoehorn in a message to the church from a particular movie. This is true with a number of The Gospel Coalition’s articles like when they compared Jesus to Bruno from Encanto or sang the praise […]

TGC, Joe Carter Attack Tucker Carlson, Defend Ukraine’s Orthodox Persecution


Leave it to The Gospel Coalition all the answers so they might properly engage the culture, and Joe Carter is the man who can respond to all the frequently asked questions of the people. Often, we have dubbed him “Buzzfeed Joe Carter” for his FAQ-style articles. In his recent piece, “The FAQs: Americans Debate About […]

The Gospel Coalition Promotes Gay Christian YA Novel


In the wake of Side B theology running rampant in the church, The Gospel Coalition is promoting a young adult novel that focuses on a “gay Christian teen” with messaging that bypasses the Christian sexual ethic. TGC Australia promoted the book Colors by Patty Guthrie in a review titled Fictional Representation of a Gay Christian Teen: […]

The Gospel Coalition’s Clownish Critique of Christian Nationalism

TGC The Gospel Coalition decided to weigh in on Christian Nationalism after seeing G3 ministries handle the issue poorly and attempts to do even worse in an article written by Peter Schreiner. Despite identifying as a New Testament professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, little New Testament understanding is to be found in the article, […]

Unearthed Cringe: Russell Moore Claimed Jesus Has AIDS We have often applied the term failing upward in Big Eva, as many who do a terrible job in parachurch ministries advance on to higher paying jobs despite a poor track record of results. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention is a proving ground for failing upwards as shown […]

The Gospel Coalition Celebrates Britain’s Replacement


Another day, another terrible article over at The Gospel Coalition undermining the gospel to concede to contemporary culture. For an institution that brands itself as a cultural apologetic, they do little apart from selling out against the culture, even with their international content. On March 31st, TGC correspondent John Stevens touts the United Kingdom as […]

The Gospel Coalition Erroneously Claims Wrath Is Not An Attribute Of God


Algorithm Christianity aims to make Christianity palatable by diluting the gospel for mass appeal. This is a main observation of megachurch Christianity in America and around the world. You’ll often hear these churches preach that Christ saves us from the difficulties of life, our messiness. Yet The Gospel Coalition despite having the gospel in its […]

The Gospel Coalition Cancels Josh Butler What does it take to get The Gospel Coalition to apologize for a bad article? And what sort of article would they ever apologize for? We just found that out. The answer lies in whom The Gospel Coalition answers to. Spoiler alert: it’s not God. Last week, The Gospel Coalition wrote an article on […]

The Gospel Coalition Goes To Horny Jail The Gospel Coalition has kicked off the year with quite the number of cringe takes, but none of these takes bordered on literary eroticism. With the launch of the Tim Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics, engaging the culture so far means describing the gospel in graphic sexual euphemisms. That is what Joshua Ryan Butler […]