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Ray Ortlund: Democrats Should Nominate Liz Cheney

Ray Ortlund has been a force in  Big Eva for years. While he is currently an Emeritus Council member of The Gospel Coalition, his son is a rising star in Big Eva and is a part of The Gospel Coalition’s Keller Center. On the liberal social media platform Threads, Ray Ortlund gave a cringe take, […]

Podcast: Can The Gospel Coalition Be Replaced? Yesterday’s column on The Gospel Coalition was worth revisiting in video form, while specifically addressing Steve Deace’s recent criticisms of discernment ministries. The Blaze Media commentator gave a thinly veiled critique of Protestia, referring to them as “hardcore cessationist Calvinists” who believe that anyone outside the John MacArthur style is not saved. Steve Deace […]

Is Creating Alternatives To The Gospel Coalition Even Possible?


As the founder of a discernment ministry, I have become greatly familiar with organizations like The Gospel Coalition and their pernicious influence on the church. I am also keenly aware of their size as one of the largest faith-based ministries on the internet. There have been multiple concerted efforts to create competing ministries with them, […]

Will Big Eva Finally Stop Singing Taylor Swift’s Praises?

Big Eva has an unbroken fascination with Taylor Swift. In the last year, The Gospel Coalition has written numerous cringeworhty posts about Taylor Swift, including the removed “7 Things Christians Can Learn from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and a false gospel composed of her song lyrics. Evangelical Dark Web has long written about how Taylor […]

Big Eva Astroturfs New Anti-Doug Wilson Group

It should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that Doug Wilson has a lot of enemies. Wilson is arguably the most influential Reformed pastor in the United States. Despite the fact that there are various hater groups like Examining Moscow who have launched extensive campaigns against Wilson, none of these coalitions have reached an […]

The Gospel Coalition Goes Heavy On Menstruation


Internationally, The Gospel Coalition is posting as much cringe as ever. Earlier this month, it published an ode to Taylor Swift in Australia, getting the gospel wrong. That was likely the gayest article they will publish this year. The Gospel Coalition Canada published their grossest article: A Biblical Theology of Periods.  Discussing periods in public […]

Discernment Update

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The Gospel Coalition vs Christian Nationalism

TGC The Gospel Coalition set out to have a big-brained conversation about Christian Nationalism featuring Ligon Duncan, Bob Thune, Andy Davis, and Philip Ryken in a video titled, “What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Nationalist?” Rather than answer the titular question, The Gospel Coalition showcased a massive level of sophistry waxing and waning […]

The Gospel Coalition Publishes Another Cringe Article Simping Taylor Swift!


Last year The Gospel Coalition published one of their gayest articles in some time in an article titled “7 Things Christians Can Learn from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.” This article was swiftly removed after getting roasted online. But they are back at it again with their “How do you do fellow kids?” approach to pop […]

Livestream Announcement: The Gospel Coalition vs Christian Nationalism Tonight at 9pm eastern, we are discussing a recent video by The Gospel Coalition featuring the woke Ligon Ducan responding to Christian Nationalism. As of now, it is planned as a live viewing for the first time. So this should be fun. Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark […]