The Gospel Coalition Calls Ruth and Naomi a Civil Union

TGC Joe Carter is mostly known for writing Buzzfeed type FAQ articles, at The Gospel Coalition and other outlets, but it seems like the time he has stepped out of that role was to defend David French and advocate for civil unions by using Ruth and Naomi as an example of one. Little does Joe […]

Tim Keller Pushes Biblical Critical Theory: His Final ‘Gift’ To The Church Tim Keller has been taking off the sheep’s clothing this year. In addition to promoting Greg Johnson, defending Francis Collins, and touting Stephen Colbert’s false gospel. Ironically, when it was announced that his cancer was in remission, much of the nefarious activity of Keller was no longer as brazen. However, in the beginning of […]

The Gospel Coalition Defends Beta Male Pastors

TGC Brett McCracken has made a reappearance into the fray of the Spiritual War within the church after several months of bad pop culture commentary. This time he is white knighting for beta male pastors who have left their congregations hanging out to dry for the last two and a half years. It’s important to […]

Cringe: NAMB Announces Reconstructing Faith Podcast Hosted By Trevin Wax

Deconstruction has become a trend on social media of people who grew up in the church and want to reject the conservative theology of their formidable years. The rapper, Lecrae, is one of the most notorious examples of this kind of reconstruction. Seemingly playing into this idea is Trevin Wax, a Big Eva writer. He […]

Ironic: The Gospel Coalition Warns Against False Discernment


After being heavily goaded last month by this ministry and others, The Gospel Coalition has decided to come back into the fray and offer a defense for weak liberal pastors under the guise of defining “real discernment.” Trevin Wax could have at one point been seen as one of the good guys in Big Eva, […]

Why The Gospel Coalition Is A Defeated Organization

TGC Late last week, a 2021 article from The Gospel Coalition surfaced in which The Gospel Coalition implied that opposing the right of homosexual marriage was unwise. This was pounced on by both Protestia and Disntr and many friendly faces on social media. At the time, Evangelical Dark Web did not find the article newsworthy, […]

Is Christian Post Worse Than Gospel Coalition?

TGC Recently Evangelical Dark Web hosted a livestream where I posited a theory that Christian Post is worse than The Gospel Coalition. This is not to say that The Gospel Coalition has done less damage. However, my reasoning is that The Gospel Coalition is defeated and diminished in influence. Majority of the damage they have […]

Big Eva Responds: Sri Lankan Insurrectionists Threaten Democracy


Big Eva has been reticent to respond to the insurrection that took place over the weekend in Sri Lanka, so here at Evangelical Dark Web, we decided to help the big wigs over in Big Eva find their courage to stand in the face of this ongoing threat to democracy everywhere. As it turns out […]

Making Abortion Unimaginable Is An Unbiblical Goal It seems counterintuitive for someone who is pro-life to argue that making abortion unimaginable or unnecessary is unbiblical. Yet we can never forget that words have meaning. Unimaginable denotes the inability to conceive of the idea. Unnecessary denotes that abortion is otherwise necessary. Unbiblical means having no basis in Scripture or truth.   She […]

The Gospel Coalition Wants Southern Baptists to Fund Abuse Payout Program


Griffin Gulledge is a mid-level player in the SBC bbut he has bylines in The Gospel Coalition. He penned a piece titled, How Should Baptists and Christians Respond to the SBC Task Force’s Report on Sexual Abuse? In this article, he urges Southern Baptist to stay in the SBC to face their collective responsibility. What exactly […]