The Gospel Coalition softens slander against Kyle Rittenhouse


In a rare move, The Gospel Coalition has walked back a previous woke analysis made by one of its contributors, K. Edward Copeland that had slandered Kyle Rittenhouse. The initial slander had called him a mass shooter and compared him to Dylan Roof. The updated version of the article only compares him to Dylan Roof. […]

Why Kyle Rittenhouse should sue The Gospel Coalition


The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse now frees him up to level his slanderers, of which the list is long. Even those in Conservative media largely failed to back him up. But Kyle Rittenhouse is certainly eligible to get him some of that Nick Sandmann money. In short there were a large portion of the population […]

Is the Metaverse a threat? Human beings have had a poor track record of predicting future technological advancements. In recent years predictions of autonomous vehicles and the ratio of electric cars are behind schedule. In sci-fi, human beings were expected to have much superior propulsion technology compared to what we have now. But our space travel has disappointed nearly […]

Canadian Gospel Coalition doesn’t want Americans reporting on Canadian pastors


The last two years have been fraught with pastors writing articles about how difficult their job in during these trying times, because any decision they make will divide their church, whether on Branch Covidianism, leftist politics, or sexuality. Additionally, The Gospel Coalition has been at the forefront of simping for tyrannical governments worldwide. James Seward, […]

Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church Practices Medical Apartheid

Redeemer Presbyterian Church has been one of the model churches for functioning in a large city. Tim Keller has been famous for marrying the gospel to the city. Though he is retired from leading his church, this influence still stands. Several outlets vroke the story that Redeemer Presbyterian Church currently operates with a medical apartheid […]

Big Eva Grift: Jonathan Leeman and Collin Hansen Now that it’s popular to say that church gathering is essential, Jonathan Leeman and Collin Hansen have a book to sell you! The Gospel Coalition and 9 Marks (x) have a joint venture in the book, Rediscover Church: Why the Body of Christ Is Essential which came out in August. The obvious question about the […]

Is it wrong for Christians to flee Blue States

Every Christian is or should be aware of the fact that Christ is Lord over our lives that means that we follow and obey God in all that we do. This includes who we marry, when we have kids, what jobs we have, how we vote, and where we live. Evaluating whether partaking in the […]

The Gospel Coalition Wants Effeminate Men

TGC It’s no secret that The Gospel Coalition is one of the worst publications that claims to be Christian media. They are weak on just about every hot issue going on in the church whether it be Critical Race Theory, Revoice, or Branch Covidianism. Around the globe, The Gospel Coalition acts as state propaganda to […]

Debunking Rachel Gilson on transgender pronouns Rachel Gilson was one of the corrupting influencers of Cru, years ago but has since graduated to making a career in Big Eva with The Gospel Coalition. Her influence on the downfall of Cru is evidence that she is a wolf. In a notorious viral TGC Q&A, Rachel Gilson spends ample time deliberating the […]

The Gospel Coalition Pushes Vaccine Passports

TGC The Gospel Coalition continues to peddle false doctrine and be wrong or weak on every major cultural issue. In Australia, The Gospel Coalition’s Overton Window is so warped that those in the world and of the world stand very much apart from their believers in other countries as The Gospel Coalition types continue to […]