Why John MacArthur Called Tim Keller And Andy Stanley Out At ShepCon

https://youtu.be/ITDtAr4IbW8 John MacArthur made some waves over the weekend at Shepherd’s Conference, more commonly known as ShepCon when he was not only able to appear but name dropped Tim Keller and Andy Stanley. But the reason why MacArthur called out these two big names is not necessarily the reason you’d expect. Tim Keller has always […]

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Tim Keller, David French, and Beth Moore

https://youtu.be/1DJ-lfX7f5c In Spiritual Warfare it’s nice to have some air support, and in this case, air support is in reference to air time at the only culturally significant hour of Fox News, Tucker Carlson. On yesterday’s show, Tucker Carson stood up for Canadian Christians getting arrested for opposing grooming and furthermore took aim at prominent […]

The Gospel Coalition Unveils Keller Center For Cultural Apologetics


https://youtu.be/BD0_pjEIIcA The Gospel Coalition remains one of the largest online ministries operating in Christianity, despite the fact that Tim Keller is a false teacher. Yesterday, The Gospel Coalition announced the Keller Center For Cultural Apologetics, aimed at evangelizing in a post-Christian culture. Much of the Keller Center is meant to address the front door back […]

Exposing The Gospel Coalition’s Liberal Bible Commentary On Creation


https://youtu.be/s21EhAk8Sis Last month, The Gospel Coalition unveiled an incomplete commentary on the Bible, a work that they were fundraising to complete. Tim Keller, on of the founders of The Gospel Coalition is an avowed theistic evolutionist. We knew there would be problems with this commentary. Unsurprisingly, the problems begin on page one, or Genesis 1. […]

Tim Keller Apparently Tweets The Same Error Every Year

Tim Keller’s Twitter account is full of riddles, but at the beginning of every year, this liberal Protestant pastor has a tradition of Tweeting against pharisaism that is a barb aimed at people in the church who believe in obedience. In the tweet, Tim Keller falsely asserts that obedience to God’s law is often a […]

Tim Keller Pushes Biblical Critical Theory: His Final ‘Gift’ To The Church

https://youtu.be/beLgaJeFQi0 Tim Keller has been taking off the sheep’s clothing this year. In addition to promoting Greg Johnson, defending Francis Collins, and touting Stephen Colbert’s false gospel. Ironically, when it was announced that his cancer was in remission, much of the nefarious activity of Keller was no longer as brazen. However, in the beginning of […]

Exposing Revoice: Scott Sauls, The Tim Keller of Nashville

https://youtu.be/TpiPhu5lZi8 Last week, Woke Preacher Clips posted a video of PCA pastor Scott Sauls asking Christians to compare their marriages to homosexual relationships. On a podcast with Jeff Norris, a pastor at Perimeter Church, Scott Sauls said the following. Is your heterosexual marriage as committed as some some gay marriages? Some gay marriages are deeply […]

Tim Keller Is A Wolf, Not Stupid

https://youtu.be/4p7GPJl1B0I As Tim Keller faces death he has become emboldened with defending his legacy of syncretism in the church. Just this year Time Keller has  promoted Stephen Colbert’s false gospel, compared Francis Collins to Daniel, endorsed a book written by Greg Johnson, promoted Critical Bible Theory, which is simply third-waysim. Now Tim Keller is defending […]

Tim Keller Promotes Greg Johnson, Revoice Movement

https://youtu.be/Sf1RTbfcNQ8 2022 continues to be a bad year for Tim Keller. After promoting Stephen Colbert’s false gospel and comparing Francis Collins to Daniel, it’s safe to say the sheep’s mask is coming off. Evangelical Dark Web does find Tim Keller to be a false teacher. Now, Tim Keller is taking a bold stand in the […]