Tim Keller’s celebration of Greg Epstein’s paganism

It’s been a few centuries since Harvard Divinity School went apostate, so earlier in the week when it announced that an atheist humanist would be head of the chaplains. Greg Epstein is a bit of a TV personality, which is probably the only reason this story gained so much traction in the first place, as pagans […]

PCA bans homosexual ministers, defeats Revoice Movement

The contentious General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) climaxed with a decisive victory against the Revoice Movement, one that amends the Book of Church Order to specifically disqualify and prevent homosexual ministers. After passing Overture 23 through the Overtures Committee, the committee decided to revisit the amendment to the Book of Church […]

Tim Keller goes full Bethel, calls God’s grace “reckless”

Arguably the worst contemporary Christian worship song to come out in the last ten years, or so, is “Reckless Love” by Bethel Redding. This song asserts that recklessness is an attribute of God and God’s love. However, words have meaning. Reckless generally denotes a lack of caution for the consequences of one’s actions. Therefore, it […]

Tim Keller defends Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism)

Tim Keller was a Marxist long before Critical Theory grabbed ahold of the church. This is, in part, because he has been instrumental in the long march through the institutions, specifically the remaining institutions that did not adopt modernism. Usually on Twitter, Keller has vague tweets, but on February 19th, Tim Keller tweeted a nod […]

DarkLinks 16: Social Justice Gospel’s ‘pronoun hospitality’

For defining the Social Justice Gospel.   SBC President Says He Would Use “Preferred Pronoun” For Transgender People, Calls It “Pronoun Hospitality” By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte During that same sermon, Greear called on Christians to stand up for LGBTQ rights. Now, he’s calling on Christians to incorporate something he calls “pronoun hospitality” for transgender […]