Tim Keller Is A Wolf, Not Stupid

https://youtu.be/4p7GPJl1B0I As Tim Keller faces death he has become emboldened with defending his legacy of syncretism in the church. Just this year Time Keller has  promoted Stephen Colbert’s false gospel, compared Francis Collins to Daniel, endorsed a book written by Greg Johnson, promoted Critical Bible Theory, which is simply third-waysim. Now Tim Keller is defending […]

Tim Keller Promotes Greg Johnson, Revoice Movement

https://youtu.be/Sf1RTbfcNQ8 2022 continues to be a bad year for Tim Keller. After promoting Stephen Colbert’s false gospel and comparing Francis Collins to Daniel, it’s safe to say the sheep’s mask is coming off. Evangelical Dark Web does find Tim Keller to be a false teacher. Now, Tim Keller is taking a bold stand in the […]

Grant Hartley Credits Tim Keller For Pro-Homosexuality Views

Grant Hartley is a major figure in the Revoice Movement as well as one of the first false teachers Evangelical Dark Web every wrote about. He took to Twitter recently to credit Tim Keller with much of his theological views that inspired Revoice and developed side b theology. Either Hartley is correct about the connection, […]

Tim Keller Compares Francis Collins to Daniel

https://youtu.be/W9VgaRbPDpo In another thread of cryptic tweets, Tim Keller appears to be defending Francis Collins and his service in government. Francis Collins has been hounded by discernment ministries like Evangelical Dark Web, and was eventually put on blast by Megan Basham at the Daily Wire. The leaked audio reported a few days ago is the […]

Is Tim Keller a false teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: Tim Keller is an enemy within the church. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Tim Keller currently has the record set for most requests, and due to him leading the field of requests, this investigation into his teachings was undergone. You can make a […]

Tim Keller Promotes Stephen Colbert’s False Gospel

https://youtu.be/KhS0FRH6RJ0 Tim Keller took to Twitter to affirm the faith and Christian witness of Stephen Colbert. To call Stephen Colbert a comedian would imply that he is funny. He’s not. Stephen Colbert is a televangelist for the Branch Covidian Cult. He is bought by Pfizer and hold no Christian convictions in his political beliefs. Yet […]

Tim Keller Promotes Biblical Critical Theory

https://youtu.be/mMEjSsKfcMc Tim Keller is renown for having a rather cryptic social media presence. In an instance of not speaking in riddles, Tim Keller came out and promoted Chris Watkin’s lecture on “developing a biblical critical theory.” The most obvious critique is that putting the word “biblical” in front of something that is not biblical is […]

Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church Practices Medical Apartheid

Redeemer Presbyterian Church has been one of the model churches for functioning in a large city. Tim Keller has been famous for marrying the gospel to the city. Though he is retired from leading his church, this influence still stands. Several outlets vroke the story that Redeemer Presbyterian Church currently operates with a medical apartheid […]

Tim Keller’s celebration of Greg Epstein’s paganism

It’s been a few centuries since Harvard Divinity School went apostate, so earlier in the week when it announced that an atheist humanist would be head of the chaplains. Greg Epstein is a bit of a TV personality, which is probably the only reason this story gained so much traction in the first place, as pagans […]

PCA bans homosexual ministers, defeats Revoice Movement

The contentious General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) climaxed with a decisive victory against the Revoice Movement, one that amends the Book of Church Order to specifically disqualify and prevent homosexual ministers. After passing Overture 23 through the Overtures Committee, the committee decided to revisit the amendment to the Book of Church […]