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Debunking Gavin Ortlund’s Local Flood Liberalism Gavin Ortlund is a popular “Christian” YouTuber, yet is also a rising star in Big Eva. Last year, Gavin Ortlund was announced as an inaugural fellow at the Tim Keller Center of Cultural Apologetics of The Gospel Coalition. Indeed this is not bestowed on those with orthodox theology, as the Tim Keller Center is […]

No, Tim Keller Was Correctly Understood By His Followers

Lately, there seems to be a debate about the legacy of Tim Keller. Evangelical Dark Web had Tim Keller’s death at #4 on our stories of the year, despite The Gospel Coalition having it at #8. The debate over legacy is exactly why the story was so important. As time Keller’s followers are generally so […]

Christianity Today Publishes Francis Collins’ Eulogy Of Tim Keller Christianity Today has long been a liberal publication masquerading as Christian. And on Tuesday, they might have sunk to a new low when they published an article by Francis Collins eulogizing Tim Keller. Tim Keller is a false teacher who was very well-masked for many years. Francis Collins, in contrast, has faced a lot […]

Examining Tim Keller’s Legacy When a false teacher dies, there’s a tendency to downplay how villainous he truly was. Yet as noted several times on Evangelical Dark Web, Tim Keller’s final years made it exceedingly clear we were not on the same side. And the issues we we opposite weren’t miniscule either. They were different religions. In truth, […]

False Teacher Tim Keller Dies

On Friday morning, it was announced that Tim Keller had passed away, shortly after announced that he was placed in hospice care¬†after a long battle with cancer. Tim Keller is a well-known pastor, author, and theologian who has had a significant impact on contemporary Christian thought. He is associated with the Reformed tradition and has […]

Tim Keller’s Family Announces Grim Health Update

It’s not a secret that Tim Keller has been in bad health. On Thursday evening, the Keller family announced that Tim Keller would be in hospice care, announcing his final days. Support the Evangelical Dark Web It’s not about the money. It’s about supporting the mission in contending for the faith against false doctrines. Consider […]

Pro-Revoive Pastor, Scott Sauls, Placed On Indefinite Leave By Church It’s been a bad weekend for Tim Keller’s prodigies. On Friday, we reported that Joshua Butler, after being ousted from the Keller Center, was made to resign from his church for an article he wrote for The Gospel Coalition which angered feminists. Yesterday, it was announced that Pastor Scott Sauls would be placed on […]

Tim Keller Defends How His Church Imposed Vaccine Apartheid Of all the megachurches in America, we found very few who imposed any sort of Covid Jab requirement, as very few were willing to go there after imposing a mask mandate. Among the few were Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, JD Greear’s Summit Church in a select location, and Redeemer Presbyterian, the church where Tim […]

Why John MacArthur Called Tim Keller And Andy Stanley Out At ShepCon John MacArthur made some waves over the weekend at Shepherd’s Conference, more commonly known as ShepCon when he was not only able to appear but name dropped Tim Keller and Andy Stanley. But the reason why MacArthur called out these two big names is not necessarily the reason you’d expect. Tim Keller has always […]