Disgraced Carl Lentz To Work For Mike Todd’s Transformation Church

The disgraced Carl Lentz has reportedly announced his comeback. After getting fired from Hillsong NYC for his adultery scandal, he reportedly has moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to work for Mike Todd’s Transformation Church. Mike Todd is perhaps the most viral pastor on the internet for his crazy theatrics and bad theology. It’s is unclear whether […]

Exposing The Crossdressing Pastor At Mike Todd’s Transformation Church

https://youtu.be/SYaIzoNGzw4 Mike Todd is perhaps the fastest rising false teacher in America. We exposed him back in 2020 before he got huge. Unsurprisingly, Todd is not the only clown performing at Transformation Church is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Charles Metcalf is the lead executive pastor at Transformation Church who gives the occasional sermon. The culture at Transformation […]

Mike Todd’s Million Dollar March Prosperity Gospel Madness

https://youtu.be/GAHffQWMJGI Michael Todd is certainly proving to be one of the most dangerous and influential false teachers of this current generation. Over the last two years he has skyrocketed in church membership and social media influence. More ominously, the amount of money Transformation Church has accumulated and spent is well over what one would suspect […]

Mike Todd Spits, rubs it in man’s face during sermon

https://youtu.be/UNTrB4fG7vE The most recent sermon at Transformation Church featured a daring a disgusting sermon illustration that involved Mike Todd spitting and rubbing it in a man’s face as a way to “explain” Jesus spitting in the blind man’s eyes when He healed him. Mike Todd is a highly prominent false teacher of the Prosperity Gospel […]

Prosperity pastor Mike Todd’s church buys mall for $20 million

2020 has been a massive year for Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church. The release of his book Relationship Goals and gaining an enormous amount of social media clout has evidently brought in a boatload of money for Transformation Church. After the church paid off a $10 million mortgage on its current facility in 6 […]

My dialog with a Mike Todd follower

The Evangelical Dark Web reader-requested verdict on Michael Todd has gotten traffic and engagement, much of it from people who hold differing opinions and theology. One reader who is a follower of someone labeled a false teacher responded to our verdict. Rather than bury their argument against our very purpose of a site we responded […]

Is Michael Todd a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Michael Todd preaches the Prosperity and Popularity Gospels. His potential danger is one of Joel Osteen levels. Preface At the request of one of our readers, we have been asked to investigate whether Michael Todd is a false teacher. You can make a request here, and we will honor it. It is a […]