Brian Tome’s Pro-Homosexuality Compromise

Brian Tome is the pastor of America’s tied 4th largest church, Crossroads Church, Ohio. A couple weeks ago, Crossroads Church invited David Mahan, the policy director for the Center for Christian Virtue to speak at all three services at Crossroads Church. The Center for Christian Virtue is an Ohio base Christian public policy advocacy group. […]

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sings of grooming children

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus went viral earlier this year for a cultish song thanking Anthony Fauci for the vaccine. Apparently they have outdone themselves with a song about grooming children. In a video titled “A Message From the Gay Community Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” they sing about “coming for […]

Ray joins Doctrine Forensics to discuss transgenderism

I had the opportunity to joins the brothers in Christ over at Doctrine Forensics to discuss transgenderism. The impetus for this was my video/article on Blues Clues grooming children to embrace homosexuality and transgenderism. The discussion largely focuses on protecting our children from this ideology. One of the key takeaways early on is about how […]

Loudon County arrests parents for opposing transgenderism

Loudon County, Virginia has been a national embarrassment for it’s school board ramming down Critical Race Theory through its public school system. This has been one of the most frequent sources for viral videos of teachers teaching and parents opposing Critical Race Theory in the country. On Tuesday, tensions rose during a public forum over […]

Ron DeSantis delivers another knockout blow to NCAA

The NCAA is the governing corporation for collegiate sports in the United States, and they’ve taken an aggressive posture in promoting men in women’s sports. Several Republican governors have taken up challenging that posture Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Idaho have all passed laws. Idaho’s law heads to the 9th Circuit Court […]

Blue’s Clues is grooming your children

Blue’s Clues & You is a popular small children’s show that airs on Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is a notoriously woke children’s television network, so this latest stunt to promote homosexuality and transgenderism is nothing that should be considered surprising. However, it is brazen, and it is specifically targeting small children with messaging that homosexuality and transgenderism […]

Ellen Page’s fake abs. Stunning and Brave!

The deceit of the propaganda zeitgeist has never been greater than on the issue of transgenderism. I’ve often said that the goal of feminism is to make both women and men into second rate men. This ambition is why feminism promotes transgenderism. Oscar winning actress, Ellen Page has gone along with the social contagion of […]

Arkansas becomes first state to ban transgendering children

It was a victory for protecting children from being groomed into becoming transvestites that was not helped by the governor. Yesterday, the Arkansas state legislature swiftly voted to override Governor Asa Hutchinson’s veto on the SAFE Act, HB1570. It only takes a simple majority to override a veto in Arkansas and the legislature handily exceeded […]

After proclaiming Christ, Gov. Asa Hutchison supports transgenderism

There are no shortage of Republicans that talk a big game and betray their base. However, it is a little more unique when a Republican professes Christianity but then overtly governs like a pagan. In 2015, Mike Pence, as governor of Indiana caved to the woke mob over RFRA. Later in the 2015 Presidential debates, […]