Kirk Cameron Denied Story Hour By Public Libraries

Prominent faith-based film actor, Kirk Cameron has recently published a children’s book, by Brave Books, called As You Grow. As part of a promotional tour of the book Kirk Cameron sought to schedule reading hours at local public libraries across the country. According to Fox News, Cameron contacted and was rejected by over 50 public […]

Christian Conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder Champions America’s Gayness Steven Crowder remains the number one YouTube conservative YouTube channel. He is also a professing Christian. In the wake of the US Men’s National Team replacing American imagery on their soccer uniforms with homosexual iconography to play in the Middle East, Steven Crowder champions America’s progress in equality for homosexuals and transvestites, unironically touting […]

Greek Soccer Player Jailed For Opposing Transgenderism

Vasilis Tsiartas may not be a household name in the United States, but in Greece, he’s a legendary soccer player. In 2017, Greece passed a hate speech law equating speech opposing transgenderism with violence, and it had immediate and retroactive results. The clause of a billl being debated in 2017 was about minors as young […]

Exposing Mark Yarhouse: The Mad Gender Scientist of Big Eva

Many have considered the response of prominent Evangelical church leaders’ responses to the rise of homosexuality and transgenderism, in the church and culture, inept. In 2018, Nate Collins organized the first ever Revoice Conference setting off a massive debate in Evangelicalism over side b theology. Side b theology asserts that homosexuality is part of one’s […]

Watch: This Sex Change Surgeon Especially Loves Mutilating Kids If you ever needed more evidence that the doctors who attempt to transgender children as well as adults are debased minds with a god-complex, look no further than Dr. Bella Avanessian, a surgeon with the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery (CTMS). During Evangelical Dark Web’s research on Mount Sinai Center for […]

Mount Sinai Medical Center: NYC’s Transgenderism Industry Leader

It is the duty of the Church to confront evil and demand repentance before a Holy God. The rise of Transgender Medicine as an industry must be confronted as the forces of the State, the healthcare system, and the education system all align against the reality of the biological binary that is sex and gender. […]

Greg Johnson’s Revoice Church To Leave The PCA

Greg Johnson is the most controversial figure in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In 2018, Memorial Presbyterian Church would be ground zero for the Revoice Movement. Greg Johnson is a homosexual pastor and the PCA has had numerous failed attempts to oust him specifically. The most recent failed attempt was a ruling in his […]

Over 1 In 4 Liberals Believe Men Can Get Pregnant

If you repeat a lie often enough, the more audacious the better, eventually the masses will accept it as conventional wisdom. Such has been the plan in order to get the nation to accept transgenderism: the ideology that a man can become a woman or vice versa. This agenda is being repeated in all sectors […]

Biologos Supporting Pastor Promotes Transgenderism Earlier this week, Evangelical Dark Web published a verdict on David Anderson calling him a false teacher. There were a number of issues that stood as reasons why he is a false teacher. However, a sermon delivered on transgenderism in 2019 stood out as Anderson tries to have his cake and eat it too […]