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John MacArthur Responds To Alistair Begg Gay Wedding Controversy. But Is He A Hypocrite? After disinviting Alistair Begg from the Shepherds Conference, John MacArthur was asked in a recent Q&A to respond to the Alistair Begg controversy from a true Scotsman. John MacArthur gave a sound rebuke of Begg’s counsel, but there’s more to the story than just that. When Evangelical Dark Web broke the story of Alistair […]

2 Injured As Transvestite Immigrant Open Fires At Lakewood Church

On Sunday before the Spanish service at Lakewood Church, the home of Joel Osteen, the most notorious Prosperity preacher in America, a shooting occurred. Yet this event was a confluence of America’s immigration policy and transgenderism as the shooter primarily went by the alias Jeffrey Escalante despite her given name of Genesse Moreno. Moreno had […]

Alistair Begg Doubles Down, Gets Canceled By American Family Radio

Ever since the bombshell story Evangelical Dark Web broke about Alistair Begg encouraging a grandmother to attend a gay wedding, the fallout has been seen across the Evangelical world, garnering attention from Steve Deace, Ed Stetzer, Jon Harris, James White, Owen Strachan, Samuel Sey, and others. Evidently, this story does not have a happy ending, […]

Ohio Legislature Overrides Mike DeWine’s Veto, Bans Transgendering Children

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine staked his flag in the ground in support of transgendering children by vetoing a bill to finish 2023. A few weeks ago, the Ohio House voted successfully to override his veto. Now the Ohio Senate has followed suit on Wednesday. The vote was 23-9 along party lines in the Ohio Senate.  […]

Samuel Sey vs. Andrew Iskar: Alistair Begg and Decades of Faithful Ministry Last week, Evangelical Dark Web broke the story highlighting the September 2023 comments by Alistair Begg advising that a grandmother should attend a gay wedding and give a gift. Within days, this became the prevailing discussion in the online evangelical world, as the comments received reactions from Steve Deace, Owen Strachan, and many allied […]

Alistair Begg Encouraged Grandmother to attend Gay Wedding A recent American Reformer article entitled, “The Desperate Decay of Doctrine in American Evangelicalism” spoke about the generational compromise within evangelicalism. In an article otherwise fixated against Tim Keller, there was a singular bullet point on Alistair Begg. In the realm of megachurch pastors, Alistair Begg is largely unknown for controversy and is often […]

Republican Governor Mike Dewine Supports Transgenderism In Veto

Governor Mike WeWine has one of the worst reputations among Republican governors. Although he did the bare minimum by signing pro-life legislation that his predecessor John Kasich would not. But overall he was one of the worst Republican governors on Covid, even worse than some Democrats. Despite his RINO reputation, he cruised to reelection. On […]

Trump’s Justices Refuse To Take Up Change Therapy Case

Donald Trump rightfully gets credit for appointing the justices that overturned Roe v Wade, but that is the most reliable they have been. Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett have been inconsistent in their voting record on key issues. Last week, they declined to hear a case involving split appellate decisions on Change […]

Nikki Haley Supports Transgenderism Nikki Haley has thus far proven to be the most woke candidate running for President within the Republican Party. Her history of supporting fake hate crimes and the Black Lives Matter narrative is well documented. She is also running as a pro-abortion Republican. However, her views on transgenderism came under renewed scrutiny due to […]

Mid Vermont Christian School Sues Vermont Over Transvestite Athletes, Tuition Reimbursement

Earlier this year, Mid Vermont Christian School made headlines when they refused to participate in the state’s transvestite folly in women’s basketball. In standing firm in their faith by refusing to participate in a perverted male’s fetishistic delusions, the Vermont Principals’ Association banned the school from athletic tournaments. At the time, the school set an […]