Pride Month Ends In Butthurt For The Wicked

Without the martyrdom of St. George Floyd or the continued threat of Covid, Pride Month 2022 was set to be a major front of the Spiritual Warfare taking place in our society. With the passage of the Florida so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill which aimed to curb groomer teachers, state level efforts to ban transgenderism […]

Fox News Promotes Grooming, Transgenderism

On Friday, Fox News aired a segment which promoted a family that groomed their five year old daughter to become a boy. Now a teenager, the family is using their fourteen year old to promote parents accepting and raising their children to be transvestites. According to the segment on Fox News, this family’s daughter Ryland […]

Christian Publishing Company Pushes Pride Month Reading List Eerdmans Publishing has been evidently woke for some time. The faith-based publisher that has worked with NT Wright, William Lane Craig, and several others has promoted a Pride Month reading list. Their initial tweet promoting the got ratio’d resulting in deletion, but Eerdmans Publishing decided to double down on celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism. Most […]

Woke Corporation To Control Upcoming Southern Baptist Convention It was widely known that Guidepost Solutions was a woke corporation but a week away from the Annual Southern Baptist Convention they rubbed it in with a social media post placing their logo in some variation of a gay flag. Guidestone was the corporation that conducted the Sex Abuse Task Force Report which accused […]

Bruce Jenner vs Lia Thomas: Transgender Highlander There Can Only Be One Lia Thomas, the transvestite college athlete who won at the national swim meet, gave his first public interview since the event. The interview generated the ire of his predecessor, Bruce Jenner. Bruce Jenner appeared as Sean Hannity’s guest to respond to the interview. He would claim that a transvestite must […]

Revoice Founder Nate Collins Includes Transgenderism in “Pro-Life”

The past several days have had the liberals out in full force demanding gun control measures in wake of the Uvalde Massacre. Australian liberal, Michael Byrd wrote an article comparing the NRA to Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that the organization’s declining influence has not curbed states repealing gun control laws. Nevertheless, that did not […]

Oklahoma Bans Abortion, Alabama Curbs Child Abuse

Last year, Mississippi and Texas led the charge with their abortion laws, with Mississippi’s 15-week ban inciting the first major Supreme Court case on abortion since Casey and the Texas Heartbeat bill succeeding in saving thousands of lives. The former being a hard ceiling matching that of Europe while the latter advancing the legislative ball […]

Transvestite ‘Bishop’ ousted from ELCA for racism

Last year, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America celebrated the elevation of Megan Rohrer to the title of bishop. Now the highest ranking transvestite in the liberal ELCA denomination is ousted for alleged racism. The incident occurred on December 12, 2021 in which a Hispanic uprising occurred at a pagan worship service in which a […]