Big Eva’s Effeminate Response To Canada’s New Law

TGC When will Canadian Big Eva come to grips with the reality of their situation? The government of Canada is further down the Marxist hole than the United States with five leftwing political parties vying for power. They imposed strict lockdowns on the masses throughout 2020 and 2021 and arrested faithful members of the brethren […]

Revoice 21 Exposed: Replacing Marriage & Gay Fearmongering Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported on how Revoice purged their YouTube channel in favor of moving everything behind a paywall. Now Evangelical Dark Web has uncovered an unlisted YouTube video of one of their speakers, Greg Piken giving a presentation. Unlisted means that it can only be accessed via a direct url; it […]

North Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is BASED

It’s rare to see a politician, even a self-proclaimed Christian politician stand up to the homosexual agenda and not back down, but here we are. A welcomed exception to this trend is Mark Robinson, Lt. Governor of North Carolina who recently spoke at a church condemning homosexuals and transvestite material being used in schools to […]

Debunking Rachel Gilson on transgender pronouns Rachel Gilson was one of the corrupting influencers of Cru, years ago but has since graduated to making a career in Big Eva with The Gospel Coalition. Her influence on the downfall of Cru is evidence that she is a wolf. In a notorious viral TGC Q&A, Rachel Gilson spends ample time deliberating the […]

Brian Tome’s Pro-Homosexuality Compromise

Brian Tome is the pastor of America’s tied 4th largest church, Crossroads Church, Ohio. A couple weeks ago, Crossroads Church invited David Mahan, the policy director for the Center for Christian Virtue to speak at all three services at Crossroads Church. The Center for Christian Virtue is an Ohio base Christian public policy advocacy group. […]

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sings of grooming children

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus went viral earlier this year for a cultish song thanking Anthony Fauci for the vaccine. Apparently they have outdone themselves with a song about grooming children. In a video titled “A Message From the Gay Community Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” they sing about “coming for […]

Ray joins Doctrine Forensics to discuss transgenderism

I had the opportunity to joins the brothers in Christ over at Doctrine Forensics to discuss transgenderism. The impetus for this was my video/article on Blues Clues grooming children to embrace homosexuality and transgenderism. The discussion largely focuses on protecting our children from this ideology. One of the key takeaways early on is about how […]

Loudon County arrests parents for opposing transgenderism

Loudon County, Virginia has been a national embarrassment for it’s school board ramming down Critical Race Theory through its public school system. This has been one of the most frequent sources for viral videos of teachers teaching and parents opposing Critical Race Theory in the country. On Tuesday, tensions rose during a public forum over […]

Ron DeSantis delivers another knockout blow to NCAA

The NCAA is the governing corporation for collegiate sports in the United States, and they’ve taken an aggressive posture in promoting men in women’s sports. Several Republican governors have taken up challenging that posture Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Idaho have all passed laws. Idaho’s law heads to the 9th Circuit Court […]

Blue’s Clues is grooming your children

Blue’s Clues & You is a popular small children’s show that airs on Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is a notoriously woke children’s television network, so this latest stunt to promote homosexuality and transgenderism is nothing that should be considered surprising. However, it is brazen, and it is specifically targeting small children with messaging that homosexuality and transgenderism […]