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Lecrae Goes (Theologically) Gay For Lil Nas X’s Blasphemy

The Lil Nas X mockery of Christ escalated this week as his album is nigh, and the lack of discernment on this issue is disturbing. It was quite obvious when teasing his “Christian era” that when he said he was still homosexual and is also a transvestite that there is no genuine faith here. Moreover, […]

Mid Vermont Christian School Sues Vermont Over Transvestite Athletes, Tuition Reimbursement

Earlier this year, Mid Vermont Christian School made headlines when they refused to participate in the state’s transvestite folly in women’s basketball. In standing firm in their faith by refusing to participate in a perverted male’s fetishistic delusions, the Vermont Principals’ Association banned the school from athletic tournaments. At the time, the school set an […]

Transvestite Pastor Commits Suicide Following Exposure

Fred “Bubba” Copeland is the mayor of Smiths Station, a 7,000-person town, while also serving as pastor of FBC Phenix City. Through reporting, a conservative Alabama digital outlet, 1819 News released a series of exposes on the mayor and pastor of a small town whereby they revealed that Copeland was digitally moonlighting as a transvestite […]

Street Preacher Arrested For Preaching Outside Of Drag Show With Kids

Last Saturday in Watertown, Wisconsin a Drag Show was performed where children were present as transvestite pedophiles embarked performed their fetish in front of them. A group of Christians protested the event which led to multiple arrests. 🚨BREAKING: Young man arrested for sharing the Bible on a public sidewalk Blatant violation of the 1st amendment […]

Why We Don’t Need, Nor Want “Gays Against Groomers”

For far too long Conservative Inc. has had a scholarship program to the top. As a white Christian male conservative, I need not apply because I am a dime a dozen regardless of my personal merit. Modern identity politics is the trademark of Cultural Marxism whereby the previous block voting of the past has been […]

Black Rifle Coffee Company Goes Cringe Black Rifle Coffee Company has a PR nightmare on its hands as the company seeks to make nine figures in revenue. After using the Second Amendment as a marketing ploy, the company was exposed when their owner was found to have never donated to a conservative candidate while donating to multiple democrats. Additionally, their […]

The real fight to be had is not halftime shows

The Super Bowl seemed to have occupied much of our ally publications. So let’s take the time to give our take on that. Yes, it is distasteful to have children on stage next to pole dancers. And despite the hypersexualization, it wasn’t really a sexy or well done show. It will get remembered but not […]