Christian Conservative Rapper, Bryson Gray Suspended By Elon Musk’s Twitter

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has been a roller-coaster for expectations. Elon Musk promised amensty for accounts banned that weren’t spam or violating the law. But this came with exceptions. Not only has Alex Jones been denied “amnesty” several prominent doctors and scientist who told the truth during Covid are still banned as well, like […]

Christ or Chaos 2: Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Elon Musk The latest Evangelical Dark Web stream on Christ or Chaos tackles some of the most influential secular figures in or on the periphery of the conservative movement in the United States, as well as abroad. The three figures inspiring the conversation were Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Elon Musk. In the stream, we tackle […]

Cultural Impact: Is the Babylon Bee Why Elon Musk invested in Twitter? In the aftermath of Truth Social’s disastrous launch, Elon Musk looks at being the new player in the social media industry. The social media landscape has increasingly become hostile to conservatives as there is evidently a recent surge of purging because of Twitter’s support for transgenderism and child grooming. I have been locked out […]

Social Media Chess

Within the past few weeks, there have been numerous headlines regarding various social media companies, both established brands and the alt-techs. Individually, they are little beyond mere headlines, but collectively, it amounts to an opening in chess with white and black executing on their respective openings. Instead of two players, there are numerous, all trying […]

Twitter vs Kyle Rittenhouse

One of the phrases that will get you banned on Twitter is “Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.” Despite the presumption of innocence and a cut and dry self defense case, Twitter has deemed this statement unacceptable on their platform. I would know. I’ve been flagged twice for it. This was the second time which admittedly […]

Twitter censors Christian faith statement

The Dallas Statement of Social Justice and the Gospel was a dividing line in the Evangelical world in 2018, as it sought to affirmatively respond the the heterodoxical infiltration of the Social Justice Gospel within Christianity. Its initial signers include John MacArthur, Tom Ascol, Voddie Boucham, and James White. Many prominent uncompromised Evangelical leaders would […]

Reminder: Tech Giants are not Monopolies

There is a lot of disgust aimed towards tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter. And why not? These companies are large, incredibly biased, and quite powerful. Their reach is everywhere, striving towards omnipresence. Their influence can sway public opinion, as evident on issues such as Net Neutrality and to reach back for a more […]

Christians ratio NowThis after they promote apostate church

There’s no shortage of anti-Christian bias in the American media. NowThis Media is just one of many. Many Christians successfully made them look stupid for promoting such an apostate church as a role model for following Christ. But this could not be further from the truth. In fact, almost every word in their tweet is […]

The Bible isn’t about you

I often find inspiration for writing on Twitter. I came across this tweet by Allie Stuckey, and found that the truth of what she spoke needed greater expounding. There are many ways to read the Bible. Some people read it sarcastically. They seek to disprove or find fault. Some people read it for perspective. They […]

Bad Advice: Company Names

When you are starting a business and go to events, people are always trying to either sell you or give you advice. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve gotten a lot of good advice and have applied it considerably. But recently I received advice that just doesn’t reconcile with my business. The advice was on the […]