Woke Methodists form new denomination

The plan to take over society by Cultural Marxists is well known as the “long march through the institutions.” In this, every societal institution: government, entertainment, education, sports, corporate America, and even the church has been or is in the process of being taken over by Cultural Marxism. The larger point here is that Marxists […]

DarkLinks 25: Tinslee Lewis, Todd Bentley, and Rosaria Butterfield

This edition of DarkLinks is very diverse in its subject matter. Last week, I published lessons learned from the WakeUpOlive fiasco about Bethel’s failed resurrection. So I begin this DarkLinks with a contrast with my colleague praying for healing in a godly way for Tinslee Lewis. This recognizes both God’s sovereignty and love. Next we […]

Watch: UMC split over biblical sexuality

This is video was produced by the Evangelical Dark Web, using our previous article on the topic. Please consider supporting our YouTube channel. A deal has been made to buy out the Christians from the United Methodist Church, giving the orthodox Methodists the resources to start their own denomination, thereby leaving the UMC to its […]

United Methodist Church proposes buyout of orthodox congregations

The theologically embattled United Methodist Church may have had a breakthrough in its gridlock on theological issues. Bishops from the heretical and orthodox camps of Methodism gathered with the goal of creating and exit plan for the theologically more orthodox churches. The preachers of the Social Justice Gospel are so crude and fed up with […]

One does not simply ignore the Bible on a singular issue

In the Evangelical world, the battle against egalitarianism in the church is once more returning to a full boil as it did decades ago. Egalitarianism, in this context, believes that men and women are interchangeable in all ministerial functions. We saw this a few weeks ago with John MacArthur’s “Go home” comments directed at Beth […]