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Big Eva Hypocrisy: Ukraine vs Lockdowns Just as Volodymyr Zelensky is a puppet for the Great Reset, so is Big Eva. In the last two weeks we have seen Big Eva publish content about perseverance that completely contradicts their tone for the last two years. During the lockdowns of 2020, Big Eva preached compliance. They peddled the narrative that church […]

Tony Evans’ Hypocritical Stance Against Vaccine Mandates On the Sunday prior to the Supreme Court finding technicality in the Biden “vaccine” requirement, both through OSHA and CMS, Christian Post decided to run an article about how Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas talked about the jab mandates. Naturally, because he is a high-profile megachurch pastor, Christian Post instinctively […]

Who Really Hates Their Neighbor?

It is from an often-unappreciated verse in Leviticus that Jesus offers a summation of the commandments in Matthew 22. How many pastors will actually go in between those two uncomfortable passages of sexual sin found in Leviticus to pull out the full context Jesus referenced in the gospels? Nothing Jesus said should have been profound, […]

Rod Dreher’s Jab Didn’t Work and Neither Does Yours

Rod Dreher is not vaccinated against COVID-19. No one is. But he is triple jabbed. Yet when Omicron came around, he not only caught it but had a week long bout with it that he publicized on social media. During this process, however, Rod Dreher does appear to have been redpilled on coronavirus. A year […]

Victory Against Biden Mandate…by Technicality

The day of reckoning for 84 million American employees has finally come. By vote of 6-3, the Supreme Court blocked the Biden vaccine mandate via OSHA. To many Americans, this is a victory, as they either defied their employer mandates or successfully received exemptions. Unfortunately, for millions more, they took the jabs to save their […]

Project Veritas Exposes Branch Covidian Lies In what has been the biggest story of the year, Project Veritas has leaked an internal military document that shows that the government knew that their COVID narrative was incorrect the entire time, yet has deliberately pushed forward with propping up Branch Covidianism anyway. The leaked Project Veritas document can be read here. Lie #1: […]

Focus on the Family Cites Money in Enforcing Biden Vaccine Mandate

With days remaining and the Biden vaccine mandate up in the air, Focus on the Family announced that is would push forward enforcing the Biden vaccine mandate on its employees. The mandate is designed to weaponize OSHA in enforcing vaccine mandates on companies with 100 employees or more and government contractors. While sources have informed […]

Daniel Akin, SEBTS go full Branch Covidian In a bold stand, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is going full throttle enforcing Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate on its staff.  This comes after even Al Mohler decided to finally care about government overreach. In contrast, Daniel Akin of SEBTS is going full Branch Covidian. Their policy statement reads: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) encourages […]

Is ‘Mass Psychosis Formation’ The Cause of Branch Covidianism? Dr. Robert Malone went viral over the weekend during his interview on the country’s largest podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan who is vocally not a Branch Covidian, released the podcast over the weekend where it has amassed tens of millions of views, inviting a massive coordination of Big Tech censorship. During the […]