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Mikhaila Peterson and Jon McCray: Is Christianity A Philosophy Or Religion? In a postmodern era where worldview beliefs are acquired as items on a buffet, Christianity treated as an option out of many, becoming merged with societal customs or even other religions. Currently, there are new age practices integrated into mainstream churches, like Bethel and Hillsong, which then export their music to other churches to […]

Dr. Russell Fuller Rebukes William Lane Craig and Al Mohler on Genesis One of the most common misconceptions about the book of Genesis is a shift in genre. Theological liberals have posited in theologically conservative circles that the Genesis 1 is poetry. Unfortunately many well believing Christians have bought into this notion, being taught this, as it is an unnatural reading of the text. William Lane […]

Is William Lane Craig a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: William Lane Craig is a theological liberal with no foundation to believe basic Christian orthodoxy   Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. This verdict on William Lane Craig is part reader request and part tip to cover a recent interview he gave. For the […]