The Gospel Coalition Doesn’t Want You Sharing Woke Preacher Clips

TGC Is Trevin Wax’s article the most effeminate Gospel Coalition article of 2022. So far, the answer is yes. Wax’s latest article, “‘Gotcha’ Sermon Clips Are Bad for the Church” takes aim at the sharing of Woke Preacher Clips. Woke Preacher Clips is practically the Grabien of grassroots Evangelical reporting. It has set many news […]

Mount Moriah AME Church offers promo code for getting the vaccine

As part of a New York City program to mobilize faith based communities to vaccinate, a financial incentive gives the recipient of the unsafe and ineffective vaccine $100. Mount Moriah AME, also known as Moriah City Church, in a recent sermon told their congregants to partake in the program. The catch is that Moriah City […]

Woke Evangelical Foot Fetish Atlanta may be a hotspot for some of the cringiest display of wokeness in the church. Victory Church ATL is a megachurch in the Atlanta area. Woke Preacher Clips recently unearthed a clip from 2017 where their pastor, Dennis Rouse one Sunday took it upon himself to summon a young black male in order […]

Jennifer Toledo takes on Woke Preacher Clips Woke Preacher Clips has emerged as one of the most useful social media accounts in the field of spiritual warfare, because they expose, in their own words what many heretics are saying particularly of the Social Justice variety. What started out as a gimmick account quickly became the go to for clips for anyone […]

Woke Egalitarian Church funded by NAMB

Last week, it was exposed that the North American Mission Board was funding yet another egalitarian church. This one unsurprisingly turns out to be incredibly woke. After being nailed by Woke Preacher Clips, Tom Buck points out how CenterSet Church was a NAMB church plant. The North American Mission Board has been caught funding numerous […]