San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus takes on Evangelical Dark Web

On Friday, Evangelical Dark Web continued it’s coverage of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus on Friday making note of diddler infested group’s vow to scrub their own video from the internet. On Saturday night, SFGMC manually filed a DMCA takedown request to YouTube on Evangelical Dark Web’s initial video responding to their viral video. […]

August 2020 EDW Report

As usual, I give an update on what’s going on with the site. I enjoy the interaction with you, the readers, and want to be transparent about the successes and shortcomings. August was undoubtedly a success. If we combined the site and the YouTube Metrics, it was the highest views ever, and shattered the visitors […]

July 2020 EDW Report

As usual, I like to give a monthly progress report to the readers of Evangelical Dark Web to let them know the effectiveness of this ministry and upcoming announcements. July was our second best month ever as a ministry and the best month yet in producing video content. July is a month where I devoted […]

June 2020 EDW Report

I would love to report that June was our best month ever setting three consecutive months of consecutive growth, but this would not be accurate. However, despite not exceeding the month of May, June proved to maintain the level of growth achieved. This is good news. For each time we hit a growth spurt, we […]

Announcement: Startup Christ Presents Debut Wednesday 3/13/19!

Startup Christ is launching a Youtube series with regards to its interviews. The series will debut on the new channel, Christianity Visualized. More details on Christianity Visualized to come. For now, please subscribe to their channel here. Episode 1 of Startup Christ Presents will feature our interview with Christopher Shaw, the director of the upcoming […]