Greater (2016) Movie Review

Transcript When it comes to the genre of sports movies perhaps the most overrated football movie is Rudy. Rudy is the story about a human blocking dummy getting to suit up during the last game of the season his senior year in college. Yes they made a movie about that. It was only made a […]

The Shack Movie Review: Why discernment is needed for faith based films

If you were ever wondering what Sam Worthington was doing in-between Avatar movies, you’ll find the answer in The Shack. The Shack is an adaptation of the book by William Paul Young that sold millions of copies to the same crowd that bought the Heaven Tourism genre. But this review is not a rebuttal against […]

God’s Not Dead: A Big Eva Movie

One of the biggest films in the last ten years of Christian films was God’s Not Dead, a commercial success that spawned a trilogy. It’s a rather interesting film to look back on and give a second watch, something I generally do not do with Christian movies. While God’s Not Dead is not a boring […]

Paint the Wall Black: What happens when BLM encounters a Christian

Christian film has been an interest of mine for years, despite never growing up immersed in it. The story of Nini’s Deli is a powerful example of proclaiming the gospel when under immense pressure to conform to the world. The story is about a man named Juan Riesco. His life story is also a story […]

A must read for future pastors

I often get asked to talk about teachers that I like. I do this often, though in passing, but today I took the time to highlight a book that I read and give a review. Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership by Alexander Strauch is a most exhaustive and detailed exploration […]

Review of the “most controversial” Christian movie: The Reliant

In late 2019, a Christian film was made set in a dystopian present where American society collapses in wake of massive violent protests that the government is unable (or unwilling) to handle. And I thought, this could either be on the nose or ahead of its time. The Reliant is about the collapse of the […]

Knightfall Series Review

It is very rare these days to find secular entertainment depict Christianity in a way that upholds biblical sexuality, as well as depict sin and repentance. Even Ned Flanders is no longer a satirical stereotype of Evangelicals. History Channel’s Knightfall wrestles with Christian themes while also creating an action-packed mystery with production value a league […]

The Story of First Baptist Church Naples Documentary Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Christian Film Review, but I had the opportunity to talk about a Christian film and Discernment, so here we are. Enemies Within The Church has been in production for years. I have been a vocal supporter of their project, but admittedly, they have fallen way behind their […]