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John MacArthur Responds To Alistair Begg Gay Wedding Controversy. But Is He A Hypocrite? After disinviting Alistair Begg from the Shepherds Conference, John MacArthur was asked in a recent Q&A to respond to the Alistair Begg controversy from a true Scotsman. John MacArthur gave a sound rebuke of Begg’s counsel, but there’s more to the story than just that. When Evangelical Dark Web broke the story of Alistair […]

Can Al Mohler Save The SBC? This is not the article that I want to write. As someone who is not Southern Baptist, I find myself having a more vested interest in saving the Southern Baptist Convention than most Southern Baptists. In the post-game analysis of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention, I see the true Christians largely leaderless in the […]

SBC23: A Mitigated Disaster

The annual Southern Baptist Convention was the 3rd convention in which conservative Baptist were mobilized against the liberal drift in the denomination. In this convention, the conservatives would see both continued setbacks and substantial gains, previously unseen in the previous conventions. In 2021, the conservatives lost the presidential race winning only a minor office of […]

Rick Warren Loses Appeal At Annual Southern Baptist Convention Yesterday at the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, messengers took a vote on whether to sustain or overrule the decision to disfellowship Saddleback Church over its ordination of women. The results were not published that session. Instead messengers would learn the results the following day. The results were as follows: 9437 (88.46%) messengers voted […]

David Sills Refiles Lawsuit Against SBC in Tennessee

David Sills was the most prominent figure portrayed as a sex abuser, despite the allegations against him categorically not being sexual abuse. As a result, David Sills filed a lawsuit in Alabama seeking recourse for defamation. The Mississippi resident’s case in Alabama has been contested with minimum contact grounds in Alabama, which has resulted in […]

Dr. Russell Fuller Rebukes William Lane Craig and Al Mohler on Genesis One of the most common misconceptions about the book of Genesis is a shift in genre. Theological liberals have posited in theologically conservative circles that the Genesis 1 is poetry. Unfortunately many well believing Christians have bought into this notion, being taught this, as it is an unnatural reading of the text. William Lane […]

Al Mohler Wrong On Trump Comments

Donald Trump made a lot of headlines about his comments on the threat that fraudulent elections pose to the US Constitution. Naturally, Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary weighed in during his latest episode of The Briefing. Al Mohler did not comment in the podcast about his status as a defendant in […]

Why Al Mohler Lied About Dr. David Sills Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been listed, long with his seminary, as a defendant in Dr. David Sills defamation lawsuit against the Southern Baptist Convention. The lawsuit surrounds an affair that David Sills had with Jennifer Lyell, at one time the most powerful woman in the SBC as a […]