Tim Keller Pushes Biblical Critical Theory: His Final ‘Gift’ To The Church

https://youtu.be/beLgaJeFQi0 Tim Keller has been taking off the sheep’s clothing this year. In addition to promoting Greg Johnson, defending Francis Collins, and touting Stephen Colbert’s false gospel. Ironically, when it was announced that his cancer was in remission, much of the nefarious activity of Keller was no longer as brazen. However, in the beginning of […]

Tim Keller Promotes Biblical Critical Theory

https://youtu.be/mMEjSsKfcMc Tim Keller is renown for having a rather cryptic social media presence. In an instance of not speaking in riddles, Tim Keller came out and promoted Chris Watkin’s lecture on “developing a biblical critical theory.” The most obvious critique is that putting the word “biblical” in front of something that is not biblical is […]