Why Todd Friel is completely wrong about Romans 13 and Vaccine Mandates

https://youtu.be/fs1q8ZGOUUU Todd Friel is most certainly one of the most trustworthy more establishment voices in Evangelicalism. However, there is a great split in Evangelicalism on the role of government and whether civil or even violent disobedience to government is on the table for Christians. Todd Friel takes a near absolute stance on Romans 13 and […]

Andy Stanley attacks faithful churches who defied lockdowns

Most famous for articulating that Christianity is “unhitched” from the Old Testament, Andy Stanley’s extreme dispensationalism permeates into his views on the church and state. According to the Christian Post, during an event for the (woke) church growth organization, Exponential, Andy Stanley said he was embarrassed by churches who faithfully defied government. Andy Stanley famously […]

Vassals to the state religion

When churches lockdown, they essentially forfeited their ecclesiastical authority to the civil magistrates, as easily as Esau sold his birthright. The slippery slope has been set. Although some would argue that churches taking money from the state in the past or their organizational structure, was the start of the slippery slope which would make our […]

Churches are nowhere while Atilis Gym Ballmawr is setting an example

If you are wondering why America seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, look at the church. Pastors tasked with proclaiming the gospel and discipling their flock are more focused on church growth strategies. And the congregation is no less culpable. For most people going to church want tradition, childcare, and none of […]

Iowa pastors invoke Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates

Press Release By Iowa Pastors: Whereas, God is the sole Creator of the earth and man, being made directly in His image, is the apex of His creation; and Whereas, God is the ultimate and highest authority, and His laws are the highest laws; and Whereas, masks cover the image of God by obscuring personal […]

3 Reasons why Grace Community Church losing their appeal is good

Over the weekend, Grace Community Church won in court against Los Angeles County only to lose the appeal prior to their legal struggle. This comes in their legal struggle in an effort to hold in person worship services amidst Gavin Newsome’s power trip. But do not be deceived by my headline. I am in full […]

Rejoice! John MacArthur invokes Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates

John MacArthur is one of the most prominent biblical scholars alive today. However one area of controversy with MacArthur is his interpretation of the role of civil magistrates. John MacArthur has a very strict interpretation of Romans 13. By strict, I mean far less conditional than how most view the passage. This has left Grace […]

The State of the American Church 2020

In 2018, around Resurrection Sunday, I pondered the question as to whether Christianity was at an all time low in the United States. This was an effort to provide a broader perspective on the history of the church within American history. In 2018, however, the church’s trajectory was hard to predict. I concluded then: Christianity […]