Love the Sinner, Hate the Cliché

If one were a pitcher being called up to the majors, then it might be helpful to take the advise of Crash Davis and study up on clichés which would become useful in navigating the success and adversity in The Show. However, the Christian faith is not the majors. It is vastly more important and […]

Strawmanning discernment ministries

In this age where solidified elitism has encouraged false teachings to enter the church, discernment blogs and ministries are popular targets. Whether to fit in and or follow their Evangelical Popes, many influencers see the need to talk down at those called into discernment. The inspirational instance for this discussion is a tweet by Richard […]

You don’t have forever to minister to people

I am saddened by what I write, for I thought God was truly leading me in a certain direction only for one day to change everything. In late July, I wrote a piece, the second installment of a series regarding God’s work in my work. Earlier in the month I penned a piece about how […]

Is American Christianity at an all time low?

There are a lot of doomsday articles on the state of Christianity in the present day. Why not? So many professed Christians don’t know where their Bibles are, don’t attend church, and don’t believe in the fundamental doctrines of Christianity(ie. existence of Hell and Satan). There are disturbing public opinion polls on religion, in that, […]