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Based: In-N-Out Bans Employees From Wearing Masks

As Chick-Fil-A went woke, In-N-Out Burger has fought the government on Branch Covidianism for years, refusing to participate in mask and jab mandates, even as it cost them stores. Now, In-N-Out is going on the offensive banning employees from wearing masks on the job without a doctors note. The corporate memo applies to five states, […]

Success of #BoycottNike prematurely celebrated

Nike launched a new ad campaign featuring unemployed backup quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The controversial decision sparked another boycott, the second major one in a week. Nike is deliberately riding a partisan tide choosing a figure as controversial as Kaepernick, which is nothing new as they have had ads featuring transgendered athletes in the past. So […]

#BoycottInNOut backfires bigly

Partisan boycotts are all the rage in our culture that cares little for meaningful conversation and constructive dialog. There comes a time when a company’s practices warrant a response via the denial of our hard earned money. But it appears, In-N-Out, a beloved southwestern burger chain committed the heinous offense of partisan donations. The original […]