Big Eva Grift: Jonathan Leeman and Collin Hansen Now that it’s popular to say that church gathering is essential, Jonathan Leeman and Collin Hansen have a book to sell you! The Gospel Coalition and 9 Marks (x) have a joint venture in the book, Rediscover Church: Why the Body of Christ Is Essential which came out in August. The obvious question about the […]

Jonathan Leeman’s hypocrisy on church gathering

TGC The Gospel Coalition’s Ted Talk wannabe series, TGC Talk, sought to address the inadequacies of virtual church. The irony comes from the fact that The Gospel Coalition promoted virtual church for an entire year as a response to the kind requests of Caesar to cease gathering. Since then, there have been churches who defied […]

9Marks obfuscates Bible’s teachings on political issues

If you follow AD Robles, you may recall that he has predicted that Big Eva is preparing to retreat from social media. And it turns out he may be right. 9Marks is sounding the horn of what may be an organized withdrawal from social media on the part of Big Eva. But so far the […]