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Poor management and strategy killed Telltale Games

Telltale Games just underwent a massive layoff of approximately 250 employees reducing the company’s staff to 25 people to fulfill the company obligations. The company was well known for creating adventure games with riveting storytelling and quality art. Poor Management Telltale’s management did not seem to think employee retention was a necessary piece in the […]

Discovering God’s will during a miserable work experience

I don’t know what my next paycheck will be. It’s part of the thrill of working a commission job. I work what I call an inbetween job. You know you’re in one if you you’re in one. Basically, the job pays more than minimum wage but less than an actual career. Hence my coinage of […]

Revisiting: The AAF is the NFL’s Newest Worry

I want to revisit an article I wrote for NOQ Report back in March. At this time two football leagues have announced their formation. The XFL and the AAF. In the article I compared the two. Ultimately I concluded that the AAF had a more formidable strategy to carve a space in the football market. The reasons […]