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JD Hall Breaks Media Silence, Set Record Straight JD Hall’s departure from ministry and Christian media definitely upset the discernment landscape. A lot of rumors and speculation surround the events of JD Hall’s disqualification from ministry and departure from Protestia. However, JD Hall breaks his media silence with David Morrill at Protestia in an interview. Does JD Hall desire to return to […]

SBC: Southern Baptist Conspiracies Aside from June, the month where the annual meeting takes place, September is one of the busiest news months for the Southern Baptist Convention. This is because many of the trustees of the various entities have their meetings in September. In September we saw non Southern Baptist churches be recommended for disfellowship while Saddleback […]

Responding To JD Hall’s Disqualification Disclosure I want to first start off by disclosing the relationship between team Evangelical Dark Web and Protestia, which is to say there isn’t one. I, the founder of Evangelical Dark Web, have never spoken to JD Hall. Moreover, there is neither an official nor unspoken relationship between this ministry and the one JD […]

JD Hall Removed From Protestia, Polemics Report

While the DUI arrest of JD Hall may have been unjust pretense to disqualify him from ministry, the latest incident involving JD Hall was not. Protestia published a statement announcing that they are removing JD Hall from the ministry he founded because of an unspecified, yet serious sin he committed. Earlier this week, the team […]

Farewell JD Hall

JD Hall is certainly one of the best and most influential polemicist out there. I have never been afraid to cite of link Protestia or Pulpit and Pen. The amazing work done over the course of about a decade is without compare given the credence that established institutions have refused his ministry. In truth, JD […]

JD Hall: It’s not hard being a pastor right now. Is he right?

JD Hall, the founder of Protestia, wrote a brief yet pointed op-ed arguing that being a pastor, in 2021, is not hard. This hot take deserves an examination. The context of JD Hall’s words is how churches have navigated lockdowns. This is a subject I have written plentifully about. On the one year anniversary of […]

Is there ‘Black Privilege’ in the SBC?

Unlike the “nicer than God” Big Eva pieces that do not name names or cite evidence to point out problems in the church, writings by grassroots evangelicals that do name names and cite evidence generally make thought provoking arguments whether or not I agree with their conclusion. A piece by (presumably) JD Hall on Protestia […]

Can Christians rebrand their way out of censorship?

On August 5th, I wrote about how big tech censorship will ultimately come for all likeminded Christian publications. This was in reference to JD Hall writing about the blacklisting of his site, PNP News (Pulpit & Pen), by Facebook. I concluded that I too must come up with a plan on how to address such […]