Pureflix Announces God’s Not Dead 5: Rise Up. Everything Wrong With Christian Film.

https://youtu.be/Zqmsw9lUxkI Most Christians are probably unaware that there are currently four God’s Not Dead Movies.  This week, Pureflix announced that they are coming out with another installment in 2023, God’s Not Dead: Rise Up. This is in a massive effort to boost the Pureflix’s streaming service by providing original content. Here’s what to expect in […]

Gods Not Dead 2 Review: A Somehow Less Biblical Sequel

https://youtu.be/mWYYS_nSlWI God’s Not Dead was one of the most bankable Christian Films from the previous decade and in my review, I noted that the movie was meant to groom youth to consume Big Eva products and content. Recently I finally sat down and watched God’s Not Dead 2, and somehow I’m left thinking that this […]