Possible Mariolatry, Definite Feminism The Chosen Ep. 5 The Wedding Gift Review

https://youtu.be/8zatMD40wnc In the fifth episode of the first season of The Chosen, we see further decline in the immersive experience of ancient Judea. The episode titled, “The Wedding Gift” centers around the Miracle at the wedding in Cana, where Jesus turns water into wine. In the episode we see some hints towards a strong Catholic […]

Who Really Hates Their Neighbor?

It is from an often-unappreciated verse in Leviticus that Jesus offers a summation of the commandments in Matthew 22. How many pastors will actually go in between those two uncomfortable passages of sexual sin found in Leviticus to pull out the full context Jesus referenced in the gospels? Nothing Jesus said should have been profound, […]