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Possible Mariolatry, Definite Feminism The Chosen Ep. 5 The Wedding Gift Review

In the fifth episode of the first season of The Chosen, we see further decline in the immersive experience of ancient Judea. The episode titled, “The Wedding Gift” centers around the Miracle at the wedding in Cana, where Jesus turns water into wine. In the episode we see some hints towards a strong Catholic influence on Mary. More definite, we see a continuation of feminism in the show that will be addressed in this review.

The episode begins with a flashback of Jesus being left behind at the temple when he was 12. The main line of that scene was “if not now, then when” which later becomes a callback when Mary implores Jesus. We are also introduced to Thomas who is a simp wine delivery boy working under his female business partner.

But first we need to address the show’s butchering of John the Baptist, making him out to be some sort of “eat the rich” Classical Marxist who gets belligerent with Nicodemus because of his wealth. No really, that’s it. And John the Baptist is so intelligent he has to resort to “starving children in Africa” levels of argumentation.

The Mariolatry is implicit. The camera pans on Mary for a very long time while she is imploring Jesus to save the wedding. This comes across as Catholic porn in my opinion. This is not conclusive as to whether the Papist view of Mary will be the official depiction. This will be determined when Jesus returns to Nazareth to be rejected by his hometown.

The feminism in the show has been mounting for some time. The marriage between Peter and Eden is the most obviously feminist influenced dynamic. The marriage of Nicodemus could also be considered but to a far lesser degree. Moreover, Thomas is a simp for his business partner who believes in the miracle unlike the “doubting” Thomas. Additionally “woman” is not used by Jesus to address Mary, instead the dialog was sanitized for modern sensibilities.

Lastly the show’s production value can hardly be acclaimed. In addition to the Hallmark drama surrounding the wedding, I question the likelihood of Mary Magdalene wearing nail polish, as a peasant Jew in antiquity. There have already been wardrobe discrepancies so far in the show, like bra straps showing through clothing. Additionally, I must wonder why Eden, a fisherman’s wife, is making wine in the home.

This was not the worst episode of the season but not the best either. Another 2/5 from Evangelical Dark Web.

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