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Is The Sean Feucht Exorcism Story Real Or Fake? In the livestream Evangelical Dark Web hosted discussing Sean Feucht, we discussed a famous exorcism story we detailed in our research article on him. As a clip for those who might find long form content a deterrent, we posted a clip of this discussion. However, in that report we stated: In his July 6th sermon […]

Rebuttal of Robert Malone’s “Musk’s Dangerous Vision for Twitter.”

Of all the heroes thrusted into prominence as cobelligerents in the fight against Covidstan, Robert Malone, the man behind MRNA technology, stood out in the calls against the poisonous jabs. Since then, he has been sounding the alarms against other hazards on Substack and elsewhere, including 5G, Big Tech, and more recently Twitter. Elon Musk […]