XFL unveils teams. Names great. Logos not so much.

The team names are in for Vince McMahon’s XFL, his response to the NFL’s growing dissatisfaction. Before today, the cities were announced in rather large markets, signaling a direct confrontational strategy with the NFL in multiple markets, though in a different portion of the year. The emerging league unveiled its team names and logos this […]

Tis the season… for scamming

Traffic was heavy this after getting off of work. So, I decided, as usual, when traffic is as heavy or heavier, to cut through the city of Baltimore to make way way to I-70 in order to get on to I-695. I’m in west Baltimore when I catch a light and this lady taps on […]

NBA players choose collusion over competition

In every other sports league, there is competition among the franchises. The NFL has new teams rising and falling every year. Baseball is a whole new season, come October. The NHL playoffs are perhaps the most exciting competition in all of sports. In college basketball, a 16 beat a 1. Yet in opposition to its […]

A Note About Blogging

Every supposed expert on blogging has said the same thing. Consistency is key to gaining any sort of traction. One “expert” even said that 1000 posts is the magic number. Startup Christ isn’t even close to that metric, but in order to get there, I will see to it that many succinct post will be […]