Smashing The Idolatry Of Democracy With Memes

A lot of good memes came out of the 2022 Election, and many of them attack the idolatry of democracy. We see democracy hailed as sacred by the likes of Russell Moore, David French, and the J6 Blue Anons, like Bart Barber. Let’s start off gently: Time to get a little more dank. My Ballot […]

Kathy Barnette Emerges As Dr. Oz Becomes Indefensible A month ago, the Evangelical Dark Web did a breakdown of the Pennsylvania US Senate race in which Dr. Oz was the frontrunner in a crowded field. Evangelical Dark Web endorsed Kathy Barnette as the preferred alternative to both the liberal Oz and the globalist David McCormick. (Partisan endorsements are a perk of not […]

Allen West, Wesley Hunt, and Monica De La Cruz: In Depth Texas Primary Analysis

March 1st might be a month away, but it is prudent to sound the alarms for the upcoming Texas Primary. Unfortunately, the primary process often goes ignored or overlooked as too many think “their guy” and the “Magic R” will Make America Great Again. So let us late the time to explore the various primaries […]