Why Christian Taliban is a powerless insult

https://youtu.be/s4QJW7IaxLc At the moment, the word Nazi is out of style in favor of comparing Christians to the Taliban following both their successful blitzkrieg reconquest of Afghanistan and the enactment of a heartbeat personhood bill into law in Texas. While  The Taliban were a worthy adversary Islam and Christendom have been at odds for several centuries on […]

American decadence, Secularism no match for the Taliban

During the Cold War, it was often the complaint of leftists at the time that the United States was the aggressor towards the Soviet Union. That if the United States would relent on its arm’s race and give peace a chance, the Soviets would have done likewise. History proves otherwise as the USSR collapsed. During […]

The Taliban Blitzkrieg In Afghanistan

https://youtu.be/aZdp_E4Y9RA For nearly twenty years, the War in Afghanistan has gone on. During this time the United States military went into a foreign country ousted the Taliban from political power and propped up a friendly government. In the month of August 2021, nearly 20 years of effort fell apart in a fortnight. In a matter […]