Climate change policies are not good stewardship over creation

The compost magazine known as Christianity Today recently published an article urging Christians to care about climate change. Daniel Harrell is the editor-in-chief over at Christianity Today and he wrote an impassionate, yet strangely self-aware piece titled, “Why All The Concern Over Carbon?” The piece is somewhat of a call to action, with a subtitle […]

DarkLinks 2: Bad responses to the EDW, losing to SJWs, and science!

  Deflect, Deny, Disguise! Three Bad Responses to the “Evangelical Dark Web” by Jon Harris @ Worldview Conversations “Albert Mohler, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Mere Orthodoxy all seem to have responded in different ways to organizations that have exposed the social justice movement in evangelicalism. Their responses are instructive to say the least!”   Why are […]

Paving a greener California, $40000/mile at a time.

Many weird ideas come out of California. Painting roads a lighter color to reduce heat in order to combat global warming is a new one. It is well known that paved surfaces are hotter that natural surfaces. So consequentially cities create heat islands through urban sprawl. Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, is a vocal critic […]