Faked Until Made

Colin Kaepernick gets his cringeworthy docuseries. Now, Bubba Wallace takes his Grifty 500 victory lap, and there is no better place to venture than ESPN, the worldwide leader in woke sports reporting. For those that do not recall, Bubba Wallace has the highest melanin content in NASCAR. He was a middle of the road driver […]

Why Colin Kaepernick should produce Christian movies

Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix debut gave the former quarterback a chance to showcase his storytelling abilities by giving him the opportunity to tell the story of himself to a broad audience. “Colin in Black and White” received rave reviews by top critics on social media while being underwater with the preestablished racist and misogynistic audience score […]

Success of #BoycottNike prematurely celebrated

Nike launched a new ad campaign featuring unemployed backup quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The controversial decision sparked another boycott, the second major one in a week. Nike is deliberately riding a partisan tide choosing a figure as controversial as Kaepernick, which is nothing new as they have had ads featuring transgendered athletes in the past. So […]