Discernment Update: Dharius Daniels

Evangelical Dark Web has been going through its old verdicts to provide an update based on news coverage. We started out the month providing an update on Priscilla Shirer and Michael Todd. The former was upgraded to a Category 4, signifying her as a false teacher, while the latter was updated to include trinitarian heresy. […]

TD Jakes, Dharius Daniels Headline Prosperity Mega Conference

https://youtu.be/aACVhq6g720 Last month, Evangelical Dark Web reported on how TD Jakes was passing the torch to his daughter, who is a formidable brand of her own. Now TD Jakes is an announced headliner at the Pathway To Prosperity Mega Conference. TD Jakes is arguable the most watched pastor in the United States, and perhaps the […]

Is Dharius Daniels’ Level Up the worst exegesis you’ve ever heard?

In June 2020, Evangelical Dark Web publish a reader requested verdict on Dharius Daniels. You can request a verdict here (but make sure you check the already answered verdicts here first). During that process, I watched some of the more viral sermons Dharius Daniels has given. One such sermon was “Level Up” delivered in early […]

Is Dharius Daniels a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: There is a demonstrable pattern of pursuit of sordid gain   Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. There were multiple requests to look into Dharuis Daniels and due to him leading the field of requests, this investigation into his teachings was undergone. […]