Naming and Shaming: Big Eva leaders who celebrated Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation It’s high time we name and shame Evangelical “thought leaders” who make a living working cushy jobs only to turn and celebrate evil on an income that in many cases subsist from tithes. Supporting the latest liberal judge’s confirmation is yet the latest celebration and obfuscation of evil in our society. This is meant […]

Dwight McKissic will leave SBC if they denounce CRT. Send him packing!

One of the most notorious egalitarians and woke pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention is Dwight McKissic. Dwight McKissic is an ally of Beth Moore and a contributor at the liberal SBC Voices. He became a famous Social Justice Warrior on the internet who has questioned the boundaries of what Southern Baptist are willing to […]

It’s perfectly fine to label JD Greear a Marxist

If there is one thing that Woke Evangelicals hate, it’s being labeled a Marxist. This is a pattern for people who do not get their Marxism straight from Karl Marx, a pattern that is prevalent among those in the church who hitch this ideology to the gospel. Without a doubt, JD Greear is the most […]

Is there ‘Black Privilege’ in the SBC?

Unlike the “nicer than God” Big Eva pieces that do not name names or cite evidence to point out problems in the church, writings by grassroots evangelicals that do name names and cite evidence generally make thought provoking arguments whether or not I agree with their conclusion. A piece by (presumably) JD Hall on Protestia […]