Entrepreneurial Influencers: Walt Disney

  If you’ve ever seen the movie Bambi, then you would have seen the masterpiece that was the work of Walt Disney. The movie captured nature in its artwork and then told a compelling story about a deer. Walt Disney had high standards for his for his work as Glenn Beck explains in this PragerU video. He […]

Startup funding methods: equity financing explained

Instead of taking debt, entrepreneurs can give equity. Noam Wasserman, author of The Foundere’s Dilema, argues that equity splits should rarely be equal, and more experienced entrepreneurs craft more intricate equity splits that involve vesting periods, milestones, and premiums based on ideas and/or experience. Much of that however applies to founding teams or taking money from […]

Focus on your core competency: Why companies outsource

Imagine a company that doesn’t produce the goods it sells and doesn’t install the goods it sells. Pretty easy right. Companies like this are everywhere. So you might be wondering: why do people put up with these middlemen when they need or want goods or services The simplest way to answer this question is that […]

What does it mean for an entrepreneur to pivot?

I can never emphasize enough how much research an entrepreneur must do. Research is the first task an entrepreneur must take in a startup, as it is vital in determining the trajectory of a new venture’s strategy. Creating a strategy requires research on the external environment. It also requires a lot of introspection on the […]

Is Startup Christ alone in its mission? Part 1

The internet is vast in the amount of information available. For entrepreneurs there is an abundance of resources. For female entrepreneurs, there’s even more. Pair being female with being a minority and there are an abundance of organizations trying to assist your rise. But what about the person who is following God’s calling by starting […]

Don’t be afraid to share your idea

Many entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs are reluctant to tell people about their grand scheme. I have been this way and I have since become a lot more open about plans. So let me go through some common reasons why people don’t share their business ideas with other people. They Might Steal Your Idea You’re Afraid […]