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Russell Moore, David French Announce Event At Gay Affirming Church It’s no surprise that two of Evangelicalism’s biggest haters are friends. David French became notorious for supporting Drag Queen Story Hour as a blessing of liberty, and when Trump left office, he wrote weekly articles attacking the church. Russell Moore was head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention […]

Why Churches Should Invest in Schools

In the past two years, fewer issues have been rushed to the American forefront more than those pertaining to the state of public education in America. Prior to Covid, the spotlight on Marxist encroachment into education was largely focused on academia and collegiate environments. Many heard about various discrimination by way of affirmative action, the […]

Russell Moore’s Butthurt Intensifies It’s been a rough 2022 for Russell Moore. After being fully jabbed, this hobbit caught COVID a second time. Additionally, the disdain for Francis Collins, his homeboy, has become mainstream in Evangelicalism. (Note: Francis Collins won Church Villain of the year over Russell Moore) This has diminished the credibility of leaders who touted a […]

What is David Frenchism? David French has emerged as one of the most hated personalities in conservatism. He’s essentially a meme because of his most famous column defending drag queen story hour as a blessing of liberty. Yet is this hatred really deserved? Of course it is. But does the hatred stem from mere disagreement or something far […]

Why so much focus on the Southern Baptist Convention

I’m not a Southern Baptist anymore. I grew up Southern Baptist and left for reasons other than the doctrinal downgrade that is most obvious today. I have since not rejoined, yet have made a habit out of covering this denomination more than others. A reader outside the SBC may find this brand of church politics […]