Polyamory isn’t pursued for noble reasons

It has been said, that polyamory is the next frontier for Biblical sexuality to confront. Though, currently transgenderism and its best friend, pedophilia, are a more omnipresent fight, at least in America, it would not be unwise for pastors to equip themselves to fight the rise of orgy relationship known by the flowery title polyamory. […]

Jeremiah 17 Part 2: The importance of the Sabbath

I had two interesting takeaways from Jeremiah 17. The first was about mankind’s deceitful hearts which society repeatedly denies. The second is on the importance of the Sabbath. During the ministry of Jesus, we see the Pharisees add to God’s instruction to keep the Sabbath. Now this practice probably began as a way to help […]

Jeremiah 17 Part 1: Don’t trust your heart

One of the worst children movies, in terms of messaging is Mulan. The moral of the entire movie is “follow your heart” which could not be a more anti-biblical message. During my reading, I came across the passage in Jeremiah that completely condemns the idea of listening to your heart. Chapter 17 begins with a […]

Jeremiah 6:23 and gun control

This is in continuation of my reflections on my reading of Jeremiah, a book God has put on my heart to read. And there was a verse that stood out as very relevant to today’s political climate. Granted, its relevant in that America is a fallen culture that worsens daily, so it seems. Jeremiah 6:23, […]

Jeremiah 1: Created and called with a purpose

It’s been on my heart lately to read through the book of Jeremiah, an Old Testament prophet who proclaimed God’s message to a people who rejected God. I wanted to share my thoughts on chapter one that I have when reading it days ago. The key passage that strikes me was verse 1 through 8. […]