Why John MacArthur Called Tim Keller And Andy Stanley Out At ShepCon

https://youtu.be/ITDtAr4IbW8 John MacArthur made some waves over the weekend at Shepherd’s Conference, more commonly known as ShepCon when he was not only able to appear but name dropped Tim Keller and Andy Stanley. But the reason why MacArthur called out these two big names is not necessarily the reason you’d expect. Tim Keller has always […]

Rachael Denhollander Attacks John MacArthur Over Patriarchal View Of Marriage

https://youtu.be/X4F_-CdSPBA It’s hard to imagine that The Gospel Coalition wrote an article that generated so much feminist backlash that they canceled its writer Josh Butler. But the angry feminist mob is not sufficiently satisfied with Josh Butler. They have their sights set on John MacArthur. With ShepCon underway, some have renewed their sights on him […]

What To Make Of Hohn Cho Versus Grace Community Church?

https://youtu.be/BGeL1HltyrE Last Saturday, Evangelical Dark Web reported on the accusations of Hohn Cho against John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church. The Christianity Today article added nothing new to the story that was reported last year except that former GCC elder Hohn Cho was coming out as a whistleblower on the practices of biblical counseling at GCC. […]

Grace Community Church Dismisses Christianity Today’s Accusations

Compromise Today

Last year, Julie Roys, prior to being discredited as a groomer, attacked John MacArthur and Grace Community Church for protecting child abusers when the facts and information they had at the time did not lend credibility to these beliefs. This overall story has been known for years. Last year, Julie Roys “discovered” it and now […]

Kevin DeYoung Claps Like A Seal For Ligon Duncan

Last month we reported on John MacArthur continuing to platform woke pastors, at his own church. Revoice is not the only conference going on this week. The Puritan Conference featured Ligon Duncan and John Piper as their featured headliners. Another such speaker was Kevin DeYoung, formerly of The Gospel Coaltion. Kevin DeYoung has generally struck […]

John MacArthur’s Letter To Gavin Newsom Is A Model For All Pastors

Over the last two years, John MacArthur has undergone tremendous growth in how he engages in the civil arena. In the summer of 2020, he opened up his church, invoking the doctrine of lesser magistrates. He followed suit battling the state of California in court and won a settlement of $800000. Earlier this month, John […]

Will John MacArthur Stop Platforming Woke Pastors, Enforce Dallas Statement?

https://youtu.be/7QXeVQQYhEU John MacArthur remains one of the leaders in Evangelicalism, due to his lifetime of steadfast ministry. Being one of the initial signers of the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, as well as the Frankfurt Declaration. And thus when John MacArthur continues to platform woke preachers, this rises to the level of […]

Christian Leaders Repudiate Branch Covidianism With Frankfurt Declaration

https://youtu.be/c4qTgg7UlEU It can be easily said that over the last two and a half years, the church has failed miserably in its response to lockdowns. Instead of telling the truth, the church capitulated to, if not, enthusiastically promoted the lies. It has unfortunately been the less theologically robust camps that defied government tyranny. John MacArthur […]

Julie Roys Abuse Hypocrisy Exposed

https://youtu.be/uZ1JjcthIow The feminist Evangelical blogger, Julie Roys has undergone a lot of scrutiny lately when her 2017 book was read by conservatives following her most recent barrage of hit pieces on John MacArthur. Right now her website has three of these hit pieces pinned to the top. Evidently MacArthur supporters like Dear Woke Christian read […]

Why Julie Roys Hates John MacArthur

https://youtu.be/3iT-RAD_ZsU The latest smear campaign of Julie Roys to impugn John MacArthur for supporting an alleged sex abuser was largely exposed thanks to diligent researchers at Protestia. However, it’s worth noting that Julie Roys has a long history of going after John MacArthur for his success and for his obedience to Scripture. There are believers […]