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Scott Sauls Resigns From Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville

Scott Sauls is the Tim Keller of Nashville, due to his liberalism and mentorship. Back in May, Scott Sauls was placed on leave by the Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville Tennessee. The stated reasons center on patterns of abusive leadership. Additionally, Sauls would scrub his website which included support for the Revoice Conference which supports […]

Presbyterians Confront Unordained Female Deacons At PCAGA While the Annual Southern Baptist Convention was going on, the Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly was happening as well. As we are covering as many denomination meetings as we can since many happened over the last two weeks with varying degrees of interest and coverage. We have provided perhaps the only coverage of […]

Scott Sauls Scrubs Support For Revoice From Website

On May 8 we reported that the most prominent liberal pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America, Scott Sauls, has taken disciplinary action against him for unspecified reasons. Although the admission by Sauls includes suppressing dissenting voices, the subject of this dissent is unknown. Yet Evangelical Dark Web uncovered the fact that Scott Sauls has […]

Pro-Revoive Pastor, Scott Sauls, Placed On Indefinite Leave By Church It’s been a bad weekend for Tim Keller’s prodigies. On Friday, we reported that Joshua Butler, after being ousted from the Keller Center, was made to resign from his church for an article he wrote for The Gospel Coalition which angered feminists. Yesterday, it was announced that Pastor Scott Sauls would be placed on […]

MeToo Movement Suffers Defeat In Landmark PCA Verdict The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is no stranger to just about every fight going on in the church right now. Among the top three issues includes a massive push for feminism in the church weaponizing the MeToo Movement to insert errant theology. In the Southern Baptist Convention, Jennifer Lyell received a settlement for […]

Exposing Revoice: Scott Sauls, The Tim Keller of Nashville Last week, Woke Preacher Clips posted a video of PCA pastor Scott Sauls asking Christians to compare their marriages to homosexual relationships. On a podcast with Jeff Norris, a pastor at Perimeter Church, Scott Sauls said the following. Is your heterosexual marriage as committed as some some gay marriages? Some gay marriages are deeply […]

Aimee Byrd Attacks It’s Good To Be A Man For Successful Book

A common response in sports trash talking is scoreboard whereby the fan’s excuses for performance are dismissed by the results on the field. In the case of Big Eva, feminist author Aimee Byrd has made a career selling books nuancing complementarianism in the Presbyterian circles. It’s Good To Be A Man was a ministry founded […]

SBC vs PCA: Two Opposite Trajectories Last month, both the Annual Southern Baptist Convention and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America took place. And the results of the two events are opposing. The Southern Baptist Convention represents a clear negative trajectory, while the Presbyterian Church in America has a much loftier trajectory. At the Annual Southern Baptist […]

PCA Votes To Ban Homosexual Elders (Again) Last year the Presbyterian Church in America voted to ban identifying homosexuals from ministry with Overture 23. Yet in 2022, the PCA would again take up the same issue. As the Revoice Movement proliferating side b theology divides the PCA, the recent development may suggest that Christians have lost ground since last year. In […]

PCA Votes To Exit National Association of Evangelicals The Presbyterian Church in America had a significant conservative victory in its withdrawal from the National Association of Evangelicals. The final vote of 1059-681 achieved what has failed twice in the last ten years. Interestingly enough, the PCA contributes not only funds to the NAE but its current president, Walter Kim is a member […]