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Resurrection Sunday vs Easter: The Former Points to the Gospel

Perhaps now more than ever, the mastery of language is more essential. In recent memory we have seen whole words redefined. Racism has lost nearly all meaning. Feminism has evolved to more demonic levels. Conservative Inc. feels the need to add “biological” as a modifier to “males” when describing men. In short, there are many […]

Resurrection Sunday is what Christianity is all about

In this contentious time where even the most basic of Christian principles, doctrines, and practices, I find myself more motivated to celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Resurrection Sunday is what Christianity is all about. As Christians, we believe Jesus rose from the dead. This is an event to celebrate, to be excited about. On Good Friday, Jesus […]

Barna: Only 11% of churches are back to normal this Easter

Last year when lockdowns occurred, instead of reopening the country by Easter, President Trump decided to expand fifteen days to flatten the curve to 30 days to slow the spread. Last year this action had significant consequences for local churches. A recent Barna study details what churchgoers missed most about in-person services. However, certain data […]