Dr. Bobby Lopez on sex abuse in the church and building Christian institutions

https://youtu.be/8LLobb0Ghto I’ve long considered Bobby Lopez a challenging voice in Evangelicalism, a man wanting to solve issues and advance the gospel. On Thursday night, Bobby came on the Evangelical Dark Web to discuss a variety of topics including building Christian institution, a goal of the Evangelical Dark Web. In 2019, he was fired from Southwestern […]

Dr. Bobby Lopez to appear on the Evangelical Dark Web

Dr. Bobby Lopez is one of the most challenging voices in the church, in my opinion. He first became a high profile name in Evangelicalism when he was fired by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for sharing his testimony under a pseudonym that connected homosexuality to abuse. As a whistleblower, Lopez was instrumental in revealing the […]

Falkirk Center reforms as Standing For Freedom Center. Is this a good thing?

Following the ousting of Jerry Falwell Jr over his cuckholding scandal, Liberty University has rebranded its Falkirk Center to be the Standing For Freedom Center or Freedom Center for short. But in parting ways with Jerry Falwell Jr, the Freedom Center has also parted ways with Charlie Kirk. The listing of Charlie Kirk as a […]

Crowdfunding campaign launched for Robert Lopez

In the time since being fired by SWBTS for sharing his testimony, SWBTS has decided against paying Lopez’s salary for the rest of the year. Robert Lopez started a crowdfunding campaign so that he will receive funding for his ongoing projects and be able to provide for his family. To catch up on the Robert […]

Dr. Robert Lopez SWBTS Updates

This is a collection of some of the original documents as it relates to the coverage of Robert Lopez and his termination that appears to be for sharing his testimony in an essay under a pseudonym. My hope that in reading this, you will be informed of the situation because the longer stuff like this […]

Evidence: SWBTS, Randy Stinson, lied about termination of Robert Lopez

Anticipating the termination at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez claimed that he was being terminated for publishing historically orthodox views on sexuality and sex abuse. This public statement made the rounds on social media and Evangelical Dark Web publications such as Capstone Report broke the story. After the story gained much traction […]