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Hit the ball where they ain’t

I met someone the other day who was with SCORE. For those of you that don’t know, SCORE is an organization of retired entrepreneurs who are giving back some of their experience. So anyway, I so happened to be wearing a baseball shirt and we were talking about food trucks. I told him, I didn’t know the food truck game and that I would have to learn where I could operate among other things.


And he said “You like baseball? Hit the ball where they ain’t”


Hit the ball where they ain’t. This is logic that successful entrepreneurs use, and there are several ways to implement it. If there’s a market competitors aren’t touching, hit the ball there. If there’s a location they aren’t at yet, hit the ball there. The list goes on but I’m sure you understand the point enough to think about how it applies to you.


Anyway, this is just a brief story I wanted to share because I have been pondering these words.

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