Faked Until Made

Colin Kaepernick gets his cringeworthy docuseries. Now, Bubba Wallace takes his Grifty 500 victory lap, and there is no better place to venture than ESPN, the worldwide leader in woke sports reporting. For those that do not recall, Bubba Wallace has the highest melanin content in NASCAR. He was a middle of the road driver […]

Trump goes Full Branch Covidian with Bill O’Reilly

https://youtu.be/4UfyS7QCuZo After kickstarting his “The History Tour” by speaking at FBC Dallas during a Sunday worship service, Donald Trump and co-host Bill O’Reilly. Additionally he had a Fox News interview that aired Sunday that where he defends not firing Anthony Fauci out of fear for how the Democrats would have reacted.┬áHe also simped for Xi […]