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Trump and O'Reilly

Trump goes Full Branch Covidian with Bill O’Reilly

After kickstarting his “The History Tour” by speaking at FBC Dallas during a Sunday worship service, Donald Trump and co-host Bill O’Reilly. Additionally he had a Fox News interview that aired Sunday that where he defends not firing Anthony Fauci out of fear for how the Democrats would have reacted. He also simped for Xi in that interview. It’s first event where Bill O’Reilly seeks to unpack the history of the Trump Presidency went poorly for Trump. He received boos after revealing he got a booster.

In addition to defending Fauci, via defending his decision not to fire him, Trump erroneously claims that the vaccine has saved tens of millions of lives. America reports more deaths with a vaccine available than in 2021 than when there was no vaccine available in 2020. And excess death is up by a lot.

Simply put the failure of the vaccines to work against variants paired with their unacceptable health risk mean that Trump should not be touting their success. At the same time when many of his supporters may face job loss over mandates stemming from a product the Trump administration funded, Trump is partially to blame because of these easily foreseeable slippery slope of mandates.

Donald Trump is politically tone-deaf on this issue, and this could sink his 2024 chances. The boos he received at his own event with an audience that otherwise loves the guy send a huge message. The relatively sparse crowd at the event also sends a message. On social media the clip of him and O’Reilly bragging about their boosters is getting panned.

Branch Covidianism is the greatest threat to Trump 2024 and it’s Trump’s own doing.

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4 Responses

  1. When determining the effectiveness of a vaccine or other intervention on a scale too large for a controlled clinical trial (it can also be argued for clinical trials too) is all cause mortality. It’s the way to gauge broad side effects or other unknown or unquantifiable consequences of the intervention. One obvious one is the missed cancer screenings. Another is changes in behavior from mask mandates, for instance mental illness and suicide (especially children). The reason you don’t hear about it is because it’s a MASSIVE FAILURE. The mainstream, if it decides to do so, could bury Trump with it. Maybe they will if kids start dropping left and right with heart failure. Either way he must be being blackmailed since he once wanted RFK Jr as his chair on vaccine safety.

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  3. That’s type of like having meals in jail, if they do not get it, they will take it from some other place. But you are in general right.

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