Disney Can’t Sustain Losses Forever

The box office failure of Disney Pixar’s¬†Lightyear which is a spinoff of Pixar’s arguably most bankable franchise, Toy Story, is a major loss for the company as they continue to double and triple down on normalizing wokeness and sexual immorality.¬†Lightyear failed for three reasons. The first is the replacement of Tim Allen, the voice of […]

Russell Moore, Christianity Today Believe Juneteenth Is Theologically Significant

Compromise Today

The newest federal holiday, Juneteenth, was just celebrated on the same day as Father’s Day in the United States. Christianity Today has published a slate of articles on Juneteenth that at best promote Juneteenth as being part of a Hallmark Church calendar in which the church preaches on a secular holiday, like Mother’s Day, Valentines […]