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Disney Can’t Sustain Losses Forever

The box office failure of Disney Pixar’s Lightyear which is a spinoff of Pixar’s arguably most bankable franchise, Toy Story, is a major loss for the company as they continue to double and triple down on normalizing wokeness and sexual immorality. Lightyear failed for three reasons. The first is the replacement of Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. Chris Evans would play the “real” Buzz Lightyear instead of Tim Allen who played the toy for four prior movies. Tim Allen is widely believed to have been passed over because he has a more conservative persona, regardless of his actual political views. Chris Evans is an NPC, who repeatedly trashed viewers, fanblamed those who dislike the movie’s editorial choices.

The second reason was that Disney announced they were continuing to normalize homosexuality in this film. This would include a kiss as opposed to comparably stealth in passing reference like we saw in Onward. After a hard fought loss against Ron DeSantis in Florida, Disney was determined to reinstate the kiss scene in their film. With the raised awareness against normalizing sexual immorality in front of children now aptly being labeled publicly as grooming, Disney chose perhaps the worst time to pick this fight.

The last reason is that Buzz Lightyear was an action figure based on Star Wars. In Toy Story 1 we see a transition from the popularity of western to the popularity of sci-fi, a nostalgic throwback to when Star Wars came out. In Toy Story 2, we get a more obvious parody of Buzz Lightyear meeting his father. Therefore Disney would have to make a story out of their own source material parodying Star Wars. The problem with this is that Disney fundamentally does not know how to write a good Star Wars story, and their ability to write science fiction in general is highly questionable. Thus ill-will from Star Wars fans and those unenamored with the trailer’s seemingly derivative plot hinder the movie’s profitability.

As Disney grows in its commitment to Cultural Marxist ideology, its quality has suffered dramatically, as have its decisions. Cranking out endless convoluted feminist MCU films and TV shows has dramatically hurt the MCU’s bankability. The worst 2022 movie I’ve seen so far was the woke Disney remake of Cheaper By The Dozen. And the worst TV show I’ve seen this year is Obi-Wan Kenobi, a bastardization of everything Star Wars.

These turds that Disney keeps churning out aren’t cheap. The imminent failure of Disney Plus is costly. A strategic boycott of Disney Parks would be devastating. And the box office performance of Lightyear is humiliating.

As Disney continues embracing Cultural Marxism, it will pile up losses and burn cash on expensive vanity projects. This is unsustainable in a free market, and even in a crony market Disney’s demise would be inevitable without course correction.

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  1. I wouldn’t go to a Disney park if they gave me everything free and paid me 10k in addition. They’re social engineering is disgusting and I believe pro family Americans are sick of it and will continue to show it. It amazes me that it seems Disney is doubling down on debauchery however. Tells me that money isn’t the God of this world, Antichrist is! If it was just money why rock the boat? The world, the flesh and the devil have an agenda and Disney and Hollyweird are propaganda outlets.

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