Anthony Fauci’s Omerta

Missouri v Biden is the most important lawsuit initiated in 2022. Helmed by Trump-endorsed Senator-Elect Eric Schmitt, the outgoing AG of Missouri, and the Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, the initiative has been undertaken to sue the Biden Administration over its collusion and coercion efforts to censor so-called misinformation pertaining to Covid and lockdowns, Hunter Biden’s […]

Club Q Shooting: A Call to Repentance

In the aftermath of a shooting, it was reported that five died and eighteen were injured at a gay club in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Arrested at the scene was Anderson Aldrich as the shooter. Immediately, the liberal media transformed the shooting into a hate crime, with the participation of the club itself, in condemning the […]

Review: “Died Suddenly” goes Malthusian on Covid Jabs

2022 has brought the rise of the phrase “Died Suddenly” which became the subject to countless clickbait articles describing the unexpected deaths of numerous individuals who were well below life expectancy, with those younger receiving more scrutiny than those in older age brackets. The more articles seen on athletes keeling over in sports along with […]

Christianity Today Endorses Respect for Marriage Act

Compromise Today

It is not a surprise, but it is a milestone for Christianity Today to finally publish a piece endorsing “gay marriage” in the US. Already, they have chastised the overturn of Roe v. Wade, heralded the Marxist Junteenth and a bevy of other liberal tyrannies through their publication, but this is official, endorsing sodomitical relationships […]

SBC Senator, Roy Blunt, Should Be Excommunicated

Include in the twelve republican senators who voted for the “Respect for Marriage Act” was outgoing Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri. While it was expected that the RINO’s like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski would vote to affirm sodomitical relationships and state sponsored persecution of Christians, Roy Blunt, of Missouri was an outlier […]

Mark Robinson Preaches Truth at Berean Baptist Church

In a post-midterm sermon, on November 13, 2022, North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson delivered his message on Numbers 13 before the congregation of Berean Baptist Church in Winston Salem, NC for what was their 42-year celebration service. In recapping the elections, he compares the injustice given to Parkland shooter Nicholas Cruz to abortion, condemning […]

How Feminism and Abortion Impacted Midterm Elections

One of the most pervasive ideologies threatening the church is Feminism. From its tree bears the heretical fruits of Side B Theology, Critical Race Theory, and the egalitarian encroachment at the pulpit. Whether outward or internalized, Feminism drives all three. Throughout 2022, we have reported on the demonic nature of the College Educated Female Voter […]

Money Talks: How Mitch McConnell Screwed GOP Senate Candidates

The midterm election cycle was rife with disappointment, as favorite candidates and brands on the right failed to live up to expectations and the Red Wave, that became a Red Tsunami going into November 8 turned into a Red Mirage or a Red Disappointment. Although every election is unique, there are several macro trends that […]

Rejecting The Atlantic’s Covid Amnesty

Coinciding with the Great Reset is the Great Gaslight, whereby folks who peddled the numerous lies since the onset of Covid attempt to pivot without accepting responsibility for their actions so as to move on from the past two years. As the Frankfurt Declaration and numerous grassroot efforts have successfully pushed back both in America […]

The Based Manifesto: Defining What It Means to be Based!

These days, words get thrown around carelessly in our political discourse. Such overuse, especially as terms become coopted by larger, mainstream individuals eventually leads to the death of the terminology. This has been seen with terms like snowflake, racist/bigot, and even the infamous Karen all undergoing dilution to triviality, with the former most being dated […]