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Debunking Justin Giboney and The Gospel Coalition’s Ted Talk


The Gospel Coalition is starting a series of Ted Talks, cleverly called “TGC Talks” with Justin Giboney as the first speaker in this series. Justin Giboney is part of the And Campaign, a rapidly growing woke evangelical political activism organization. The And Campaign supports social justice which includes but is not limited to their version […]

And Campaign advocates lite version of Equality Act

The apostate public policy organization is on a massive growth trajectory, during my last reporting on them. The And Campaign seeks to advocate Social Justice under the guise of Christianity. One of their most prominent policy proposals is called the Fairness For All Act. This is viewed as a compromise that validates religious voices in […]

Pagan ‘And Campaign’ growing rapidly

Social Justice is not justice, nor can it be married to morality in public policy. The fundamental premise to of the And Campaign is pagan, and it’s policy goals are therefore unbiblical.

DarkLinks 14: AND Campaign and NAMB frivolities explained

This edition of DarkLinks features a common theme of highlighting a divide in Evangelical culture whether it be those who propagate the Social Justice Gospel or the Southern Baptist elitists who are increasingly out of touch with the laity. We plan to elaborate on the AND Campaign, but for now, we must highly recommend learning […]