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False Prophet James Lindsay Predicts Has New Prediction

Leading up to the month of June, James Lindsay in his overemphasis and remedial understanding of Hegel prophesied that there would be a major event, like a trans George Floyd to crack down on Christians. In the same Glenn Beck program in which Glenn Beck attacked Stephen Wolfe, James Lindsay proclaimed that the government would provoke […]

Are The Normies Finally Getting Redpilled On The ADL?

Elon Musk has made many promises with regards to his takeover of Twitter which he has rebranded as X. However,  one unfulfilled promise was his promise of free speech which he not only backtracked on quickly but seems to have increased the censorship under his watch. One key reason for this is Twitter/X’s tight connection […]

Bart Barber Whores Himself To Liberal Media After a 60 Minutes News appearance in which Bart Barber peddled the Blue Anon narrative surrounding January 6, he will have another major appearance in liberal media spaces. In October 2022, Bart Barber told CBS that he believed Donald Trump put Mike Pence’s life in danger. Perhaps this qualified him to appear at the […]

Christian Conservative Rapper, Bryson Gray Suspended By Elon Musk’s Twitter

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has been a roller-coaster for expectations. Elon Musk promised amensty for accounts banned that weren’t spam or violating the law. But this came with exceptions. Not only has Alex Jones been denied “amnesty” several prominent doctors and scientist who told the truth during Covid are still banned as well, like […]

Christian Post Promotes Anti-Defamation League Propaganda

In 2022, the Overton window has shifted in several positive directions. This is not without shortcomings, but it is finally acceptable to call out certain nefarious forces within our society. Unfortunately, when it comes to “Christian” media, they are reticent to call out liberal narratives that have crept into the church. In the latest example, […]