Brent Leatherwood Condemns George Santos, Omits Sexual Sin

What sin would it take for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention to declare that one is unfit to serve in Congress? Apparently, pulling a Saul Goodman is the answer. Now, within the halls of Congress on Capitol Hill, there are all sorts of corruptions that could be condemned. There […]

Good Thing The Hebrew Midwives Didn’t Think Like Bart Barber

In the aftermath of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s decision to make Brent Leatherwood the official president of the organization, pro-life Christians lambasted the decision for Leatherwood’s past celebration of Ketanji Brown-Jacksons SCOTUS confirmation and opposition to pro-life legislation in Louisiana. Bart Barber went on the offensive attacking Dusty Deevers, calling his opposition the […]

Brent Leatherwood Officially Named Head of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission After a year of serving as the interim president of the Ethics and Religious Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Brent Leatherwood was officially named president of the ERLC, one year after being named interim president. Currently, many Southern Baptist entities are having meetings and convention, and in the ERLC’s annual meeting they voted […]

Dissecting The ERLC’s Impotent Defense of Marriage

As the so-called Respect of Marriage Act progresses from the House of Representatives to the US Senate, it has garnered the attention of mainstream conservative and Christian outlets. Unfortunately, since the passage in the House, where an odd set of 47 republicans voted to affirm gay “marriage” in a massive moment of liberal drift, it […]

Liberal Drift Debunked! ERLC Was Never Really Pro-Life

Richard Land, ERLC President from 1988 to 2013, once counseled a man to abort his child over a highly suspect “life of the mother” claim. As the not so pro-life Southern Baptist take shots at those who believe that the unborn are people deserving of equal protection under the law and that ending their […]

Naming and Shaming: Big Eva leaders who celebrated Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation It’s high time we name and shame Evangelical “thought leaders” who make a living working cushy jobs only to turn and celebrate evil on an income that in many cases subsist from tithes. Supporting the latest liberal judge’s confirmation is yet the latest celebration and obfuscation of evil in our society. This is meant […]