Rick Warren calls faithful pastors selfish

https://youtu.be/bMFEHj0uYcU In the previous article on Rick Warren’s interview with Barna Research Group, a woke industry leader in church data. That video/article covered how Rick Warren was celebrating his woke struggle sessions following the death of George Floyd, while willfully abandoning his church and duties as a pastor. In this continuation, Rick Warren attacks pastors who faithfully kept […]

Jonathan Leeman’s hypocrisy on church gathering


https://youtu.be/wVAsMe6NPzY The Gospel Coalition’s Ted Talk wannabe series, TGC Talk, sought to address the inadequacies of virtual church. The irony comes from the fact that The Gospel Coalition promoted virtual church for an entire year as a response to the kind requests of Caesar to cease gathering. Since then, there have been churches who defied […]

More Wokeness: Is Barna calling for segregated churches?

White supremacists and woke whites have few dissimilarities. The key difference between the two ideologies is that White supremacists believe that whiteness is good, and woke Whites believe whiteness is evil. However, they come to the same conclusions when it comes to the morality of hiring based on race, judging people by the color of […]

What Big Eva won’t say about youth church membership decline (but I will)

Gallup recently released a poll that found that Millennials and Gen Z are less likely to be members of a church. This unsurprising news brought fourth some reaction out of Big Eva. The Gospel Coalition penned two articles on the subject of American church membership declining, a statistic driven by the young who are not […]

Barna: Only 11% of churches are back to normal this Easter

Last year when lockdowns occurred, instead of reopening the country by Easter, President Trump decided to expand fifteen days to flatten the curve to 30 days to slow the spread. Last year this action had significant consequences for local churches. A recent Barna study details what churchgoers missed most about in-person services. However, certain data […]

Rachel Denhollender blames biblical sexuality for Georgia gunman

In the wake of the massacre in Atlanta, Georgia that left 8 people dead, the media rushed to speculate on the causes and motivations. Big Eva perhaps carried the torch further by legitimizing attacks against the church that the media lauched following this shooting. According to reports, the alleged shooter, Robert Aaron Long, was motivated […]

A must read for future pastors

I often get asked to talk about teachers that I like. I do this often, though in passing, but today I took the time to highlight a book that I read and give a review. Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership by Alexander Strauch is a most exhaustive and detailed exploration […]

There is no recourse to be found in the Supreme Court

Churches only have a finite amount of resources, and hiring lawyers to argue before judges on issues the government has no authority is a poor allocation of those resources. The government has no authority to bar churches from gathering, impose dress codes on congregants, ban singing, or any ordinances prescribed by God. Yet majority of […]

Churches are nowhere while Atilis Gym Ballmawr is setting an example

If you are wondering why America seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, look at the church. Pastors tasked with proclaiming the gospel and discipling their flock are more focused on church growth strategies. And the congregation is no less culpable. For most people going to church want tradition, childcare, and none of […]

Is America under the divine judgement of God?

Her Grace, the LifeWay Queen, is beginning to think that America is experiencing a divine reckoning (for not being woke enough). Is this true? Would God render judgement on America for the church not embracing social justice enough? What does Romans 1 say about God judging societies? Is there any hope in this Romans 1 […]